Become a Professional Coffee Maker in Barista Life

Not many Android games take the theme of the barista or coffee maker profession. So if there is a game like that, it's definitely fun to play and different from the others. Games with titles BaristaLife  come to provide alternative exciting games around the world of baristas. What are the twists and turns of being a reliable barista with super delicious coffee concoctions?

Is Zerosum Coffee, a cafe where you can hang out and drink coffee made by a great barista. In-game BaristaLife, the player of course plays the role of a barista. This unique game is the latest game made by Zynga developers. Android gamers will know that this developer also makes popular games, namely Farmville and Draw Something.

Manage Cafe

Managing a cafe is certainly not easy, especially when dealing with many customers who come together to order coffee. But of course it's different if only in a game. Player BaristaLife will be able to make coffee to consumers without difficulty and quickly. Concoctions of various types of coffee can be made easily. The Barista Life activity starts with choosing an avatar image, namely being a male barista or a female barista. After that, the Zerosum Coffee cafe opened immediately for consumers who wanted to drink coffee and hang out at the same time.

Buyers will line up and then tell the barista what coffee they want to order. Consumers certainly have their own tastes, such as wanting to order espresso coffee, coffee without ice, coffee americano, but they are also allowed to order snacks. Player  BaristaLife  simply check the order from the visitor from the screen. Then make a scan on the buyer's smartphone as a form of digital payment.

Coffee Mixing

After that, the player as a barista can start making coffee orders for visitors. So the buyer's coffee glass can be given writing or pictures, depending on the wishes of the buyer, then the player can simply spoon the available coffee, then pour it into the coffee maker. After that, players BaristaLife can pour coffee into a glass, while if requested, add ice cubes to the coffee. At the end, the barista only needs to provide coffee or snacks ordered by the buyer. the buyer will pass to enjoy the order.

Cafe Upgrade

Every time serving buyers, players BaristaLife  will earn money that can be used to complete upgrades of the managed cafe. There are various components that can be upgraded, from the building of the coffee shop, coffee maker, to the types of snacks sold so that they can give you more money.

Visuals Are Not Good Enough

For visual depiction, game BaristaLife  apply 3D character images even though they are not so beautiful and detailed. The depiction of the characters also looks low quality when compared to the current game graphics which are very detailed. For example, when a medium player writes on a coffee cup, it turns out to be a bit problematic because the display is broken if the device used has low specifications. But at least, the coffee and snack graphics in Barista Life are still quite attractive.

No Need Online

Like other games made by Zynga, BaristaLife also free to play. This game also doesn't take advantage of a number of free-to-play features, such as the stamina or life system, in fact, the player's cellphone doesn't even have to have internet access. However, as usual, Barista Life is full of advertisements, where players can buy the No Ads feature. How does it feel to pursue the profession of a barista in a coffee shop? Please try the Barista Life game to feel the excitement and challenges.

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