Poco Indonesia Sacrifices Realme 8 Pro on Social Media – Part 2

Poco Indonesia satirizes Realme 8 series on social media

Hey Vicigers! Are you still curious about the feud between the two smartphone brands that we previously discussed, namely Realme vs Poco Indonesia.

If you found this article, and haven't read part 1, you can read it right away and click the link below.

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In the previous discussion, we thoroughly discussed the differences in processors between these two smartphone series (Realme 8 Pro vs Poco X3 Pro). Of course the winner is the Poco X3 Pro, because this cellphone has embedded the latest processor series from Qualcomm, namely the Snapdragon 860.

If we compete in several other sectors of these two smartphones, who will win? Curious? Let's continue to discuss the feud between these two smartphone brands

Realme Vs Poco Indonesia

xiaomi poco x3 pro
Source: GSMArena
  • Screen, Body, Camera, and Storage Technology

Obviously, in matters of screens and cameras, the Poco X3 Pro feels a little far behind from the Realme 8 Pro. This is of course based on the fact that the Realme 8 Pro already has a Super AMOLED screen and a 108MP camera, while the Poco X3 Pro has to be content with an IPS screen and a 48MP main camera.

Now, for matters of body or build quality, if Poco doesn't fix it from the previous Poco X3 NFC series. Then more points will also be won by Realme 8 Pro. You know, the body of the Poco X3 NFC will vibrate if you make a sound at a rather loud volume.

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Oia, in terms of protection, the Poco X3 Pro has also equipped its screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 6, unlike the Realme 8 Pro which was released in Indonesia, it didn't mention at all what screen protection the smartphone was using at their launch event presentation. Their screens should have Gorilla Glass, at least Gorilla Glass 3.

In the storage technology sector, the Poco X3 Pro finally excelled again using UFS 3.1, beating the Realme 8 Pro which is still loyal to using UFS 2.1.

  • Batteries and Prices

Although the Poco X3 Pro battery has a larger capacity, namely 5160mAh vs 4500mAh, the Realme 8 Pro excels with its fast charging technology at 50 Watts vs 33 Watts.

realme 8 pro specs
Source: Official Realme Indonesia Social Media

The most sensitive thing in matters of smartphone market competition is the matter of price. If the Poco X3 Pro really comes officially in Indonesia and the price is made the same or cheaper than the Realme 8 Pro, then Realme should prepare a more precise strategy to take over the glory of the smartphone market in Indonesia.

So, those are just a few of the most striking differences between these two cellphones. If Poco Indonesia should bring the Poco X3 Pro series to Indonesia officially, this cellphone will still maintain the NFC feature, right? Downgrade from the Poco X3 NFC, later you will be teased back at Realme.

In terms of connectivity and sensors (accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, etc.) these two cellphones have almost the same equipment, but the most noticeable difference is the fingerprint sensor.

Poco still designs a side-mounted fingerprint on the Poco X3 Pro the same as its younger brother Poco X3 NFC, while Realme has buried the fingerprint under display on their Realme 8 Pro by utilizing Super AMOLED screen technology. This really depends on taste, so do you think Vicigers prefers fingerprints on the side or on the screen? Write your answer in the comments column, OK!

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