ONIC vs RRQ Schedule at M4 MLBB Today, Who's Your Hero?

Onic vs RRQ

Two teams Mobile Legends from Indonesia, ONIC Esports vs RRQ Hoshi will compete in the knockout round in the lower bracket M4 World Championship today, Saturday 14 January 2023.

The two teams will compete for a slot against Echo from the Philippines who lost to the team from one country, Blacklist International in the upper bracket.

These two great teams from Indonesia were both in the upper M4 bracket together with Echo and Blacklist International.

In the upper bracket semifinals, RRQ Hoshi had to admit the superiority of the M3 World Championship or Blacklist International champion. The fierce match between the two teams took place in 5 games. Where, the final score of the match for the two teams was 3-2 for Blacklist International.

One day later, it was ONIC Esports vs Echo's turn. The match lasted in four games and was won by Echo with a score of 3-1.

ONIC Esports vs The Valley
ONIC vs The Valley match

The defeat of these two proud Indonesian teams sent them flying out of the upper bracket and into the lower bracket and meeting other teams.

The results of matches with other teams finally made them meet in the same bracket and fight in the Land of Dawn today.

Where, RRQ won with a score of 3-2 from the Mobile Legends Team from Myanmar, Falcon Esports. Then, ONIC won a landslide victory over the team from the United States, The Vallet with a score of 3-1.

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ONIC vs RRQ schedule on M4 Mobile Legends

M4 logo, Onic vs RRQ
M4 logo

Both ONIC and RRQ certainly want to win and face Echo who has been waiting for them after losing to Blacklist International.

So, the ONIC vs RRQ match will determine which team from Indonesia will survive and have the chance to fight with Echo.

If then one of the qualifying teams can win against Echo, then it is certain that Indonesia will enter the Grand Final of the M4 World Championship in Jakarta.

Of course, Indonesian Mobile Legends fans can't wait to see which team will be the winner.

For that, be a part of history in the journey of these two esports teams from Indonesia by providing support for them.

The two teams will compete from 14.00 WIB to 17.30 WIB.

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Winner Will Meet ECHO

echo vs blacklist international 2

The winner of this match, M4 MLBB Knockout Round Match 20, will meet ECHO.

ECHO has previously subverted ONIC Esports with a score of 3-1.

Then, the team from the Philippines met with Blacklist International and were defeated so that they entered the lower bracket.

However, it is not impossible that one of the Mobile Legends teams from Indonesia, ONIC and RRQ, will enter the Grand Final of the M4 World Championship.

If they manage to qualify, it is not impossible for one of these teams to win and win the M4 World Championship in Jakarta this time.

Because, if we reflect on history, one of the proud teams from Indonesia is Evos Legends, has carved a sweet history for the world of Mobile Legends in Indonesia.

They once dominated the M World Series stage at the M1 World Championship by coming out as 1st place.

So, continue to support your favorite team so they can win and become champions in the M World Series this time.

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