5 Best FF Headshot Weapons and Accuracy May 2022 Edition

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If is a player Free Fire For those who want to get accuracy on their shots without needing to improve their aiming skills, you can use these 5 FF headshot weapons for the May 2022 issue.

Weapons in Free Fire work as they should. They are deadly and can annihilate an entire squad with ease. You can use spray-and-pray techniques to deal damage. Because of this, only a few weapons could be accurate.

These weapons can be used by skilled players to land long range headshots with ease. Also, since they can be easily found in the game, getting them won't be a problem either.

Use this FF headshot weapon to win while trying to make accurate shots in Free Fire.

List of the Best FF Headshot Weapons for May 2022

Gunplay is a key aspect of Garena Free Fire and also a determining factor for winning matches. Garena Free Fire has many weapons in the game, which have great statistics that help players fight against opponents at close, medium and long range.

Players prefer to engage in combat only when they are in an advantageous position to win.

While most professional players are used to taking headshots in the game, it can seem like a daunting task for other players, who tend to take body shots at times.

There are also some weapons which, if used properly, can easily land a headshot based on their in-game accuracy.


FF Headshot Guns

Woodpecker is Marksman Rifle who excels in medium to long range combat. With 12 shots per magazine and a high accuracy of 69, the weapon is lethal in the hands of experienced players.

Accuracy aside, its unique selling point is armor penetration damage. It stands at 77 and will allow the user to overpower opponents even if they are wearing a helmet.


FF Headshot Guns

The second FF headshot weapon is M14. The M14 is more a Sniper than an AR. Both range and damage stand in the high seventies. This makes it effective in long range combat. With an accuracy of 57, players can use it to shoot opponents from a considerable distance.

However, due to the size of the 15 magazine, this weapon is not suitable for intense combat. Aside from long-range firefights, they don't do very well in combat. Players should keep this fact in mind before using it as their primary weapon.

The M14 is a long-range rifle that has an accuracy of 57. Players can easily pick out enemies from a distance and even land headshots with this weapon's perfect range capabilities.

The weapon's overall damage output is also impressive and ensures high damage headshots on enemies.


Next is the USP as one of the best FF headshot weapons at the moment. While the USP isn't huge in terms of damage or range, it has a decent accuracy of 57. In close combat, this weapon will allow players to easily take down targets with minimal effort.

Additionally, where it lacks certain stats, it makes up for them with movement speed. Players can use this to their advantage and flank opponents to win in battle.


FF Headshot Guns

In the list of FF headshot weapons, there will definitely be AWM. When it comes to snipers in Free Fire, AWM is at the top of the list for most users.

It is easy to use, and even beginners can quickly understand its functions. What makes it truly lethal is its accuracy of up to 90.

This allows the user to take shots from a great distance and land headshots with ease. Even though it is almost maximum, the accuracy can be further improved by using attachments.

This list would not be complete without mentioning the greatest sniper of all time: AWM. High damage output with an accuracy of 90 makes this weapon capable of shooting enemies with any armor level.

AWM will become a killing machine once players are well acquainted with snipers and will even help win matches in Free Fire with the help of this single weapon.

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FF Headshot Guns

For an SMG that has high recoil, Vector surprisingly offers good accuracy, which is 61. Even without a scope, this weapon is deadly at medium range and will allow the user to shoot opponents easily.

However, when used in Akimbo style, the accuracy tends to decrease. Without being able to aim the sight downwards, the shot is likely to go astray. However, the SMG will work fine in most combat situations.

Vector is a powerful SMG in Free Fire. This weapon has a very high rate of fire and mobility. It also has good accuracy and a 20-round magazine. This is one of the most effective weapons for close combat.

To top it all off, players can equip these Akimbo style weapons. Although some reverse penalties are involved, the pros outweigh the cons. The resulting damage alone is enough reason to use this weapon.

Instead of running from battle, players will be able to rush into battle with guns blazing. While there's no guarantee that the perfect weapon will be found upon landing, it's good to remain optimistic.

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The weapons mentioned here are without their skins. Making headshots with high accuracy depends entirely on the skill of the individual player.

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