Recommended Build Silvanna Pain 2022

Skin Collector March 2022 Silvanna

Silvinna is a hero with a Fighter role in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This time we will review the recommended Silvanna build in the Moba game.

Of course, users of this hero already know about the leaks of the upcoming MLBB skin collector in March 2022. This hero is rumored to be getting this skin.

This will certainly make players who become users happier. Because, the appearance of their heroes will be cooler when in the game.

However, the news is still a prediction. Until now, it is not yet known whether Moonton will actually provide a skin collector for this one hero.

Today, we will review the illest Silvanna build 2022. We need to know this so we can optimize the potential of this hero.

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When using it, we have to arrange the sickest Silvanna build so that this hero can be better in the game.

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Besides that, so that we don't become a burden on the team. Instead, we can bring the team to win in the match.

You need to know the skills of this hero first so you can determine the build you want to buy when in a match.

Apart from that, you will also know what the strengths and weaknesses of your hero are. Then, buy build items to overcome them.

The Painful Silvanna Mobile Legends Skill

The Painful Silvana Build

You need to know the skills of this hero before deciding which Silvanna build hurts. Because knowing our skills can more easily determine it.

We will know what the needs of our respective heroes are. Besides, us

passive – Knightess' Resolve

Silvanna's passive skill is Knightess' Resolve. This skill allows your hero to do damage with Basic Attacks of up to 25 (+45% Total Physical ATK) (+60% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage).

Your hero will leave a mark on the opponent who is hit by the attack. Each Mark will reduce the opponent's defense, namely Physical and Magic Defense by 3 to 5 in a duration of five seconds.

Your target in the game can receive up to 5 Marks. When maxed out, your heroes will deal an additional 30 percent Damage to them.

When you use skill 2, do Stack Mark to the target as much as possible in order to give very high damage.

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Skills 1 – Cometic Lance

Silvanna's 1st Skill is Cometic Lance. This Heri will attack the opponent's hero in front of him using the spear he has.

This attack will give opposing heroes in its path gain up to 150 (+70% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage). In addition, the opponent's hero who is hit for the first time will be stunned for 1 second.

Silvanna can use this skill again in 4.5 seconds if the attack hits an opposing hero. This skill can return to Dash in the direction you specify and make another attack on the opposing hero.

Then, the attack deals 250(+100% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) to enemy heroes around him.

Use this skill as best you can so you can get additional Attack Speed to launch attacks on opposing heroes.

You can activate "Cometic Spear" to carry out attacks or just run away from your opponent's hero.

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Skills 2 – Strangling spirals

Silvanna's 2nd skill is Spiral Strangling. This hero will stab the spear in the specified direction. Then, he will play up to 6 times.

Each round will give 165 (+45% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage). At the same time he also created a Shield of 250 (+ 150% Total Magic Power).

Every additional 50 percent Attack Speed will increase the wave's rotation by 1 time. However, it will only give 50 percent Damage if Silvanna's target is a minion.

This skill is referred to as the main damage dealer for Silvanna. You can leave Stack Marks on the target until it reaches the maximum limit in a relatively short time.

Ultimate Skills – Imperial Justice

Silvanna's ultimate skill is Imperial Justice. Your hero will jump and deal damage to the opponent's hero by 350 (+110% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage).

Opposing heroes will also experience a slow effect of up to 40 percent for 1.5 seconds because of this attack.

Silvanna will also create the Circle of Light. The enemy hero closest to the center of the area cannot escape in about 3.5 seconds.

When Silvanna is in the area, she will get an additional up to 100 percent Attack Speed and 80 percent Magic Lifesteal.

Silvanna has a strong ability to gank even though she is alone when dealing with opponents.

Silvanna can easily eliminate other opposing heroes if she has combined her skills.

Use this skill while in Fight. Be careful when there are several opposing heroes trying to attack.

Because, that can make it easy for Silvanna to be eliminated even though she gets additional Attack Speed and Magic Lifesteal while in the Circle of Light.

Recommended Build Silvanna Pain 2022

The Painful Silvana Build

This Silvanna build is recommended for those of you who want to optimize the potential of a hero with this fighter role.

You need to choose the sickest Silvanna build so that this hero performs well when in battle with the opposing team in the Land of Dawn.

Let's see, here are the sickest Silvanna build items in 2022.

Arcane Boots


The first item you need to buy is Arcane Boots. This item is recommended for you to buy when compiling the 2022 Painful Silvanna build.

Clock of Destiny

Clock of Destiny

The next item you need to buy when using Silvanna is the Clock of Destiny.

Clock of Destiny has a unique passive – time which will add 25 HP and 4 Magic Attacks in 20 seconds.

Concentrated Energy

Concentrated Energy okay

The next item you need to buy is Concentrated Energy.

This item has a unique passive-Recharge. You can restore HP by 10 percent when eliminating an opponent's hero.



The next item is Immortality. This item has a Unique Passive-Immortal.

Your hero will resurrect within 2.5 seconds after being eliminated. Then, get 16 percent HP and Shield which can absorb 22 to 1200 Damage. (Scales with Hero Level) Shield lasts 3 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 210 seconds.

Holy Crystals

holy crystal 2

You are also required to buy Holy Crystal when using this hero. You need to get this item when compiling the sick Silvanna build.

This item will provide additional Magic Power for Silvanna.

Winter Truncheons

Winter Truncheon okay

You also need to buy this item, namely the Winter Truncheon. This item can provide additional Magic Power, Physical Defense and HP for your hero.

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