Profile of Levi Ackerman, the Survey Corps' Strongest Soldier

Levi Ackermann

Series Attack on Titan prints a lot of characters memorable. One of character The most popular in this series is Levi Ackerman.

Levi is known for his agile and nimble swordsmanship when dealing with humans titan. As captain of the Survey Corps, he is highly respected by his troops.

This time we will discuss the profile and unique facts about Levi Ackerman. For fans of this cool man, let's read the article until the end!

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Profile of Levi Ackerman, the Strongest Soldier from the Survey Corps

Levi Ackerman profile
Levi Ackerman profile. Source: BStation

Levi Ackerman or often called Captain Levi is the captain of the special operations force, namely the Survey Corps.

He was born in Underground on December 25th. The man who has the nickname Humanity's Strongest Soldier is 160 cm tall and weighs 65 kg.

Despite his short stature, his physical development is very good as a result of intensive use of vertical maneuvers.

Levi has short, straight black hair styled in an undercut style. He had a pair of gray eyes with a strong aura of intimidation.

Captain Levi usually appears with a frown or no expression at all. He also always acts calm, making it difficult for other people to guess his thoughts.

Despite his nonchalant appearance, Levi really likes cleanliness. He is described as a “Clean Freak” by people who know him personally.

This is because Levi likes the environment and himself to remain clean without stains. He is often seen wiping blood from his sword while still in battle.

Even so, Levi would never hesitate to step forward and dirty himself for the benefit of the Survey Corps troops.

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Unique Facts about Levi Ackerman

After getting to know Levi from his brief profile above, now let's look at the unique facts about Levi Ackerman below.

Three times the most popular character in Attack on Titan

Levi is the most popular character in Attack on Titan
Levi is a fan favorite in popularity surveys. Source: BStation

Apart from Eren, Mikasa, and Armin as the main characters, Levi Ackerman is undeniably one of the most popular characters in the series. Attack on Titan.

His cold and mysterious charm managed to make this Survey Corps captain three times the most popular character according to fans in the Attack on Titan popularity survey.

He managed to become 1st place in the first, second and fourth popularity surveys. In the third survey, Levi fell to second place after losing to his commander, Erwin Smith.

Has a criminal past

Levi Ackerman - Levi's past
Levi Ackerman's past as a criminal. Source: BStation

Even though he now serves as captain of the Survey Corps, Levi apparently had a sad life.

After his mother's death, Levi lives alone in the Underground. He was then taken in by Kenny Ackerman and taught how to fight and use weapons.

Abandoned by Kenny again, Levi finally survives by becoming a thief with his two friends.

His criminal activities were stopped after Levi and his two friends were arrested by the Survey Corps under the orders of Erwin Smith.

A Captain Obsessed with Cleanliness

Survey Corps.
Levi clears the transit area for Survey Corps troops. Source: BStation

Levi spent his childhood living in the Underground, a place with minimal light and an unhealthy environment.

Because he lives in this environment, Levi has a dream of being able to live in a clean house. This is probably one of the reasons why he is obsessed with cleaning.

Levi often checks the cleanliness of an environment and orders his team members to help clean the place. This is as seen in anime episode 15.

Have an Ideal Type of Woman

Levi Ackerman - Levi's ideal type of woman
Levi is giving instructions to the Survey Corps. Source: BStation

Fans of this man with a strong independent character may wonder what type of ideal woman Levi likes.

Isayama answered this in an interview that Levi might like someone who is tall because he himself has a short body.

Have Insomnia and Only Sleep 2 – 3 Hours

Have insomnia
Levi has insomnia disorder. Source: BStation

Isayama was once asked what words he wanted to say to Levi and Isayama answered that he wanted to tell Levi to sleep.

Levi apparently suffers from insomnia and the average sleep time of this Survey Corps captain is only 2 – 3 hours.

Instead of sleeping on the bed, Levi prefers to sleep on his chair. He also doesn't change his clothes before going to bed because that's not his habit.

So, that's the profile and unique facts about one of the most popular Attack on Titan characters, Levi Ackerman. Are you a Levi fan?

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