How to Unlock Nuka World Power Plant in Fallout 4

Nuka World Power Plant Location

In the Nuka-World Amusement Park in 2287, you can find various loots in the Nuka World Power Plant. However, you have to unlock all areas first.

This time, VCGamers will discuss how to open all areas in this power plant. Not only that, you will get various loot which is very useful after opening all areas.

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Nuka World Power Plant

Nuka World Power Plant Power
Upper Level Power Plant. Source: YouTube/Fight or Flight Gamer

The Nuka World Power Plant is located at the western edge of the Fallout 4 world, to the west of the Galactic Zone. You can see this area from quite a distance because the area is on a high rocky hill.

The checkpoint of the area is on the road below the hill in the eastern area. When entering this power plant, you have to be careful because there are danger that will hit.

There are lots of feral ghouls living in this power plant. The path to the power plant is quite straight with not so complicated turns.

You'll find two stations that incorporate a power plant in the lower area. Apart from feral ghouls, you will also find robbers such as the Pack, Disciples, and also Operators.

The lower level also includes a room containing a full armor set. However, you have to open a terminal with advanced-lock to get the armor.

Not only full set armor, you will also get various loots that are useful for safety.

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Loot You Can Get

Fallout 4 Power Armor
Power Armor Fallout 4. Source: GamesRadar

You can get various kinds of loot at this power plant. The first loot is two full sets of power armor with fusion cores. You can get the first full set of power armor by opening the novice lock in the building area under the power antenna.

You can get the second full set of power armor by opening the advanced lock behind the tight security door.

In addition to the two full sets of power armor, you can get the Overdue Book which is on the bottom level, the Nuka-Power Recipe on the top level building, and finally the Plant Control Room Key which you can get after defeating the boss of an alley during Power Play.

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How to Unlock All Areas in Nuka World Power Plant

Nuka World Power Plant Power Button
White Button for Power On. Source: ign
You can unlock all areas of the Nuka World Power Plant by turning on the power in the control room. However, you must complete several missions to enter the control room. First, you must complete The Grand Tour mission. In this mission, you will go to the garden area. After gaining control of five areas of the park, talking to Gage will unlock the important power-up option. You can choose to complete the Open Season missions. This mission will take players to kill all the bosses who live in the power plant.

After defeating all the bosses, you can turn on the power. When you power up this power plant, you can unlock all the areas that you couldn't explore before.

You can find power in the area near the Nuka World Power Plant employee terminal. In that area, you will find a ladder to the top floor. The ladder will take the player to the top floor of the control room. There is a white button that is big enough and if you press that button, the power of the Nuka World Power Plant will be active again. That is the discussion about the Nuka World Power Plant in the world of Fallout 4.

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