5 Best Miya Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends for November 2022

Miya Mobile Legends

Mia Mobile Legends was one of the fastest runners even from the start of the game. Fast attack speed is an advantage when wrong, as it can result in significant DPS, especially if you use good items. 

Apart from that, Miya Mobile Legends can also run away at the end. Of course, he will prevent you from leaving your guard for a while, and your turret may be destroyed.

This hero has high speed and makes the battle fatal. Even so, this hero is still easy to beat. One way to beat him is to use Miya's hero counter in Mobile Legends.

List of Counter Hero Miya Mobile Legends 

Here are some heroes that you can rely on to win Miya Mobile Legends. If you don't have these heroes, you can buy them using Battle Points or Diamonds. So make sure you top up Mobile Legends Diamonds first! 


counter valentine kaja
Kaja is the best counter hero in Mobile Legends

The first counter is Kaja. This hero is actually known for his ability to catch opposing heroes, including Miya. Kaja has good skills, where Miya Mobile Legends cannot move freely.

Kaja's Divine Judgment skill was able to catch Miya and dragged her to finish it with the rest of the team.

You can use Kaja to kidnap Miya, Kaja's power can be summoned to defeat enemies in Mobile Legends. However, keep in mind that Kaja still needs another hero to stop him.


hero dash ml hayabusa
Hayabusa is the best counter hero in Mobile Legends

Hayabusa is the next hero that you can rely on against Miya Mobile Legends. This Assassin Hero has great abilities and can be relied upon afterwards. 

With his skills, Hayabusa can destroy Miya in one strike. Apart from that, Hayabusa himself is one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends.

Only a few heroes can fight Hayabusa because of its great damage. Likewise with Miya, it will be difficult to frighten or discourage Hayabusa. Therefore, Hayabusa is the recommended hero choice for countering Miya. 


chou so meta covers
Chou is the best counter hero in Mobile Legends

Chou is the next hero that you can rely on against Miya Mobile Legends. This fighting hero is known for his strong and powerful crowd control abilities.

By using Chou, you can quickly slow down his movement. Also, you can also kidnap him to kill him with teammates. 


Hanzo Counter Miya Mobile Legends
Hanzo is the best counter hero in Mobile Legends

Almost like Chou, Hanzo can kill Miya even from a distance. Attack him with Ultimate Hanzo. If you run already, you can still catch up with him because Hanzo's speed is also good.

Any animal in the forest can be eaten with 1 skill. In other words, Hanzo can get buffs easily, in the first game even without the help of other heroes, if the person using Hanzo is perfect, he can also get gold.

What makes Hanzo so annoying in the game is his ability to slow down enemies. Skill 2 Hanzo has a very wide range, making it easier to target rangers, mages and other heroes.

Combined with the first skill that can reduce the enemy's HP by 15 percent. Hanzo has become the most dangerous enemy in the game. 

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Jawhead counter miya mobile legends
Jawhead is the best counter hero in Mobile Legends

Jawhead's ability is explosive and high damage. This is what Miya Mobile Legends is most afraid of when she has to face this hero. You only need to hunt down Miya and cast Jawhead skills.

This way, he wouldn't be able to move. Jawhead has considerable early game damage. He has a powerful skill called Mecha Suppression. This skill helps him deal a lot of damage.

Mecha's suppression skill functions to increase Jawhead's Basic Attack by 8 percent, so he can increase his Basic Attack every time he deals Damage to Opponents.

Jawhead has a long tail. Jawhead has quite a long endurance from the second skill called Ejector.

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Ejector is a skill that causes Jawhead to eject an opponent's hero from an area. When a hero is thrown, the place where it lands is devastating and terrifying.

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