Is NBA 2K24 Crossplay? This is the Answer!

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Most online games today have adopted a crossplay feature in their game system. In fact, in some cases, these features are included in the superior features offered by a game. This also applies to the NBA 2K24 game. You can experience the NBA 2K24 crossplay game, however, it is only limited to a few platforms.

This is of course very unfortunate for fans, especially fans who play NBA 2K24 via PC. Controversy has arisen, and a narrative has also surfaced, that the developer of the NBA 2K game franchise is the stepchild of PC gamers.

Therefore, it is appropriate that the topic of crossplay, as well as feature improvements, be made evenly across all platforms. So that chaos does not arise, as has been happening recently.

Vicigers Do you yourself know about this feature? If not, the author will provide specific information, through the following article.

To answer your curiosity, read this article carefully, so that there are no misunderstandings in the process of receiving the information that will be provided.

Without further ado, let's get straight into the main discussion. Pay close attention, okay? Vicigers!

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What is NBA 2K24 Crossplay?

Miami Heat - NBA 2K24 Crossplay
Miami Heat. (Source: K4RL/YouTube)

Before discussing the crossplay feature in the NBA 2K24 game specifically, the author will first explain this crossplay feature. Quoted from several sources, crossplay itself is an online game feature that allows players from different platforms to play together, in the same game.

In other words, NBA 2K24 players who use Playstation, Xbox, PC, or other platforms can play together, without any significant restrictions.

With this feature, many games have felt the positive impact. Most importantly, it will grow the community in the game, and also expand playing opportunities between players who have differences in terms of devices.

Even though it is commonly implemented by many game developers in the world, Visual Concepts, the developer of the NBA 2k series game franchise, only limits this feature to platforms PS5 and also Xbox series X/S.

Outside of these two platforms, you will not be able to enjoy the features. This will later affect the matchmaking time which is very long.

Considering that the PS4 is an older version of the PS5, and many gamers have left the platform published by Sony Entertainment.

How to Play Crossplay

There is no special method that you have to take to enjoy this feature. Here's how:

1. From the NBA 2K24 main menu, select the “go to settings” tab and make sure you have the crossplay option turned on

2. Once you have confirmed this, access the friends menu by clicking the right controller on your stick or clicking R1/RB

3. Invite your friend's account name, and wait a few moments, until your friend accepts the friend request

4. After your friend's profile appears, click the plus sign on the right, right next to the account picture, to start the crossplay game

NBA 2K24 Crossplay Gameplay

NBA 2K24 PS5 - NBA 2K24 Crossplay
NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Special Edition. (Source: Lakers Nation/Google)

The best thing about the crossplay feature is that the matchmaking speed is above average. Because, you can reach players who play on PS5 and also Xbox series X/S.

Apart from that, there is no special difference with other platforms that cannot access this feature.

NBA 2K24 PC Controversy, Considered Stepchild

Boston Celtics - NBA 2K24 PS4
Boston Celtics. (Sports Gaming Universe/YouTube)

If you look at the NBA 2K24 game review on Steam, then you will see a bright red flame, a sign of bad reviews given by fans.

Not without reason, Visual Concept, as the developer of this game, seems to be the stepchild of PC gamers. Because, you won't be able to see many of the features available in the PC version of NBA 2K24 like the PC version PS or Xbox.

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