3 Best CS:GO Players of 2020 with Fantastic Paid

The second most popular game in the world of esports after League of Legends is Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO). CS: GO is the brainchild of the legendary game company Valve and was released back in 2012. The 2019 CS:GO World Championship had an audience more than 195 million and a total prize pool of $ 1 million… wow! So, here are 3 best CS:GO player 2020 with the highest income.


As one of an elite member of the Astralis team, Andreas Højsleth (aka Xyp9x) has been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professionally for a long time. He no doubt is one of best CS:GO player 2020  and known as the minister of the clutch. Did you know that best CS:GO player 2020  it gets it's weird name by typing randomly on the keyboard. Xyp9x took the inside part ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017 and placed first by dominating the tournament.

In the 7th season of the ESL Pro League, Xyp9x again took first place in the ratio 3: 1 and took 1st place in season 8. In 2018, Xyp9x took part in 6 tournaments and in 2019-2020 he played in 3 tournaments, placing 1st in all tournaments. From a revenue perspective, Xyp9x is the most successful CS:GO player of all time. As of 2020, his net worth is approximately $ 1,771,621 dollars. His team earned $ 500,000 dollars from the 2017 Atlanta ELEAGUE Major. In 2018, he made around $ 2 million dollars from 6 different tournaments. And again in 2019 and 2020, he made around $ 1,35 million dollars.


One of the most skilled and successful CS:GO player is undoubtedly Peter Rothmann Rasmussen (aka dupreeh). This esports athlete is also part of the Astralis team with Xyp9x. Dupreeh has won countless tournaments and earned a huge amount of money together with his friend Xyp9x. This talented gamer was named MVP in Season 7 of the ESL Pro League. Dan is ranked 5th on our list of the best CS:GO players of 2018. On Thorin's top 10 list, dupreeh placed 8th in 2018.

Dupreeh was ranked 16th by HLTV in 2019 and won the Blast Pro tournament finals. He is one of of the few CS:GO players who have played every championship tournament and won most of the from them. The best CS:GO players of 2020  it has made $ 1,770,422 dollars playing CS:GO. His team also earned $ 500,000 in prize money for getting 1st place at ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017. Just like his friend Xyp9x, he earned $ 2 million dollars from multiple tournaments in 2018 and he has the 3rd highest earning of CS:GO right behind Xyp9x.


Another high level CS:GO player is Nicolai Reedtz (aka dev1ce). He is an important member of Team Astralis and takes part in most of the big tournament. Professionally, dev1ce is one of the most successful player of all time. His interesting skills in CS: GO are a joy to watch. He had the honor of being named MVP in ten different tournaments.

On January 2, 2016, dev1ce attempted to change his name to devee, but failed because Valve would not allow nickname changes on the Major circuit. HLTV rated the second dev1ce in the world in 2018, one of his biggest achievement of his gaming career. In the same year, Thorin ranked him 3rd for his fantastic performance in his 8th season of the ESL League.

Dev1ce has been earning the highest amount of money by conducting and winning various CS:GO tournaments for several years. He has a net worth of $ 1,734,923 dollars, the highest among all players. Dev1ce plays CS:GO more than other players, have reached the highest level, and have mastered every sector of this game. Very deserving of the title best CS:GO player 2020 he bears.

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