7 Most Exciting Wordle Games

Wordle Game

Wordle Game is a site that contains various educational games with more than 18 languages including Indonesian.

Game The content on this site can be played for all ages so it can be used to educate young children.

What games are on this site? For those of you who are interested in trying, here are the 7 best games from Wordle Game!

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7 Most Exciting Wordle Games

As technology develops, the younger generation is becoming more interested in learning by utilizing digital media.

One popular learning method is to invite learning targets to learn while playing. Here are the 7 most exciting games on the Wordle Game site:


Wordle Game - Squares
Squares. Source: wordlegame.org

The first game you have to try in this game is Squares. This game has three ways to play. Following are the conditions:

  • Move the cursor in the first direction to form a word;
  • Combine words diagonally or in order down, up, right, or left to form words with meaning;
  • Sometimes the letters that appear will be random, so you have to be able to guess what words appear on the screen;

If you have difficulty finding the word you are looking for, there are 3 to 5 clues to use in each stage. You will get 1 point for every word you guess!


Wordle Game - Combinations
Combinations. Source: wordlegame.org

Combinations is a game where players use various combinations of letters from a grid to get the maximum score. Following are the rules of this game:

  • A word can consist of two, three, or four letter combinations;
  • Each combination can only be used once per word;
  • The number in the top right corner of the screen shows the number of combinations that will appear for today's puzzle;
  • Hyphenated words, vulgar words, and difficult words will not be counted.

Players will get one point for each letter they guess. To win the game, you need to achieve the maximum score on the puzzle for the day.

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee
Spelling Bee. Source: wordlegame.org

This game has the aim of putting together a word from a collection of letters given on the screen. Here are the game rules of Spelling Bee:

  • One word must contain at least four letters;
  • One word must contain a letter in the middle;
  • The letters can be used more than once;
  • Hyphenated words, vulgar words, and words without meaning will not be counted.

To get a higher score, you can get it from long words. Each letter counts as one point.

Each puzzle contains at least one “pangram” that requires all the letters available. If you guess it successfully, you will get 7 extra points.


Wordle Game - Connections
Connections. Source: wordlegame.org

The next word game recommendation is Connections. The goal of this game is to group 4 words into one group that are related to each other.

You will be given 16 random words and can only make guessing errors a maximum of 4 times. There are many categories in this game, for example animals and colors.

Even though it has a lower difficulty level, Connections is still fun to play and can increase your insight into foreign words.


Phrazle. Source: wordlegame.org

Phrazle is a word puzzle game where players have to guess a phrase consisting of several words. You will be given six chances and each guess must include a valid word.

With each new guess, you'll get clues in several different colors about the placement of letters in individual words or entire phrases. Here is the explanation:

  • Green: The correct letter is in the first word and its position is correct;
  • Yellow: Even though the letters are in the first word, they are in the wrong position;
  • Purple: The letter is not in the word, but is in another word of the phrase;
  • Grey: The letter the player selected is not in the phrase.


Worldle. Source: wordlegame.org

If you like geography, then Worldle is the game for you. In this game, you will be given a silhouette of a region of the country and have to guess it correctly.

To guess, you can type the name of a country in the search field. After that, select one of the country names that appears and click enter.

If you fail to guess, you will get a clue in the form of the distance from the wrong country to the country shown by the silhouette. If you succeed in guessing, the silhouette will be colored green.


WordSearch. Source: wordlegame.org

The most exciting game in Wordle Game is Word Search. As the name suggests, the goal of this game is to find hidden words on a board filled with random letters.

The hidden words can appear in horizontal, vertical, diagonal and even inverted lines. So, you need to pay attention to it carefully.

Word Search has four difficulty levels, namely Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. If you have difficulty, you can also use the instructions provided by this game.

So, those are the recommendations for the most exciting games from the Wordle Game site. From the list above, which one do you want to try?

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