How to Use Judge Valorant Weapons Properly and Correctly!

Judge Valorant weapons

There is an opinion that Valorant is a combination of several existing FPS games. Therefore, Riot, Valorant developers have made many innovations in the usable weapons sector. Especially, the Valorant judge weapon which is a favorite of many people.

As one type of weapon in the game Valorant, also included in the shotgun type of weapon.

This weapon can produce spread bullets which are often used by players to rush. This is a weapon that is very suitable for players of this type duelist and also support.

This weapon relies on its large attack power, as well as its bullet spread which can hit enemies over a long range.

For those of you who are looking for tips and tricks for using a good Valorant judge weapon, the author has prepared them specifically through this article.

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Tips and Tricks on How to Use Judge Valorant Weapons

Judge Gameplay
Judge Gameplay. (Source: Valorant) 

RRQ Nextjack's favorite weapon, Judge, is a shotgun type weapon that can finish off enemies with one attack.

You can use it in the game, by throwing smoke into the crowd, then spam shots at the smoke and targeting the enemy's head.

However, make sure the area around there is a hallway or a narrow room. The goal is to make it easier for you to hit the target more precisely.

Use duelist heroes like Raze and Jett to maximize judge potential. Next, combine the skills they have. Like, Tailwind and Satchles respectively.

Not only for attacking, you can also use judge to defend the bomb site. Position yourself in the corners of buildings, or spaces that are not visible.

Wait for the enemy to approach. However, don't leave right away. Launch the attack when the enemy has carried out a defuse bomb. Aim for the head to get maximum results, one shot one kill.

However, the high price should be a concern. If your team is in a lagging position, choose a burst weapon such as an SMG or rifle. Use your judge wisely. Take advantage of the moment when the weapon drops after successfully killing the enemy.


Reporting from Riot Games, Valorant, the following are the statistics from the judge:

  • damage:
    • To the head: 34 (0-10m)/20 (10-15m)/14 (15-50m)
    • To the body: 17 (0-10m)/10 (10-15m)/7 (15-50m)
    • To the feet: 14 (0-10m)/8 (10-15m)/5 (15-50m)
  • Range: 0-50m
  • Fire mode: Automatic/Auto
  • Fire rate: 3.5 rounds/sec
  • Run speed: 5.06m/sec
  • Equip speed: 1 sec
  • Reload speed: 2.2sec
  • Magazines: 5/15 (3 mags)
  • Wall penetration: Low

Strengths and Weaknesses of Judge Valorant Weapons

Judge Visualization
Judge Visualization. (Source: Valorant) 

The judge's main strength is in short range combat. Judges are usually used by duelists to fight at close range or finish matches quickly.

When compared to shotgun-type weapons in the Counter Strike or Overwatch games, the judge's fire rate is also not the worst. In fact, it is above shotguns in general.

Meanwhile, on the downside, judge is a weapon that is difficult to master. Even though those who use it are players with a duelist specialization type, it takes a lot of time and flying hours to master it.

Judge requires excellent reflexes and close range one-on-one abilities. Aim with a crosshair that moves very quickly to gauge your opponent's movements is key.

Setting up a defense mechanism when using a judge is no less difficult. Mastery of the map being played is required.

Skin Judge Recommendations

Judge Skin - Valorant Judge Weapon
Skin Judge. (Source: Valorant) 

There are several choices of judge weapon skins that the author can recommend to you. Namely, judge chronovoid, daydreams, glitchpop or imperium.

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