FF7 Rebirth: A New Series of Old Flavors

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

FF7 Rebirth or FinalFantasy VII Rebirth is a game that has militant players all over the world.

Since 2020, or when the Final Fantasy VII Remake series came out, many people have been predicting that there would be a continuation of the game series. Because, in the 2020 version, there were still many plot holes in the story that were not finished.

We will return to visit the realm where Cloud et al will continue their journey on a mission to save a new planet, after Midgar.

For those who don't know, FF7 Rebirth is also a game that existed in 1997, with a similar title.

However, in this series, there will be development from many sides. In order to create new, better memories. Of course, apart from nostalgia.

Want to know more about this game? Pay close attention to the following article! Check it out!

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FF7 Rebirth, New Game with Old Taste

FF7 Graphics - FF7 Rebirth
FF7 Rebirth Graphics. (Source: Sony Playstation/YouTube) 

Actually, what is the FF7 game that people are talking about so much? Final Fantasy VII or FF7 is a game produced by Square Enix, with the theme Japanase Role Playing Game (JRPG).

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, was just released on February 29, 2024. Limited to console game series only Playstation 5 over the next few months.

This game is a sequel, as well as a reboot of the game series with the same title, which was released in 1997.

Many players are nostalgic and can't wait to play it. Still the same as the previous game in the series, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will continue the story of its predecessor game, Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Where Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith, and Red XII will explore The Planet, to prevent the exploitation of natural resources by the Shinra Corporation.

Cloud, the main character, also tries to find the whereabouts of Sephiroth, a Shinra Corporation soldier, who wants to take advantage of the loopholes to rule The Planet alone.

FF7 Rebirth characters

FF7 Characters
FF7 Characters. (Source: Sony Playstation/YouTube) 

Even before its release, this game had received an award in the "Most Anticipated Game" category because many gamers were talking about the possibility of new gameplay or new characters that would be offered in this game.

Zack Fair is one of them. Even though he is not a new character, Zack is a favorite character of fans of the Final Fantasy game series.

The Buster sword on his back has been a "symbol" of Final Fantasy for years.

Second, what has become a hot topic among the gamer community, especially on Discord and Reddit, is the white haired man, Cloud.

He is very well known as the leader of an alliance group of several people who have the same vision and mission as him.

With very dynamic fighting techniques, it is no wonder that many fans have made him their favorite character.

Tips and Tricks for Playing FF7 Rebirth

FF7 MC. (Source: Gamers Guide/Google)

Although this type of game is similar to RPGs In general, however, the open world feature will not open until Chadley appears. For this reason, you have to find Chadley and continue the mission until you meet him.

Also pay attention to the synergy of skills and abilities that you have. Because the suitability of the skills and abilities of the synergy you have chosen is very essential in the game.

So, next, because you focus too much on the main mission, many of you will forget that you have sidequests. Don't forget to complete it, in order to increase our income significantly.

Those are some things you should know about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth or FF7 Rebirth. Hopefully this can answer your curiosity, OK? Vicigers!

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