Get ready, PS5 Pro will be released in 2024!

PS5 Pro Released 2024

After PS5 The Slim version was released in the last quarter of 2023, the public is waiting for when the PS5 Pro will be released.

Its presence will certainly make all console players happy. Especially, those who have been waiting for it.

Well make Vicigers If you are also curious about the update, let's check out the following coverage!

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Sony console

PS5 Console from Sony
PS5 Console from Sony. Source: VCGamers (Unsplash)

Every console produced by Sony will definitely have several versions. It has become the developer's habit to release several variants periodically.

This tradition even started from the era of their first console. First appearing under the name PSX in 1994, this console comes in a bulky form.

And it was only in the 2000s that the 'slim' version appeared and was named PS One. Since then, Sony has standardized this habit into their marketing signature.

This effort is made to "extend the life" of each series PlayStation. That way, Sony can have time to develop the next console.

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Slim Version and Pro Version

PS5 Slim and Pro
PS5 Slim and Pro. Source: VCGamers (Unsplash)

As explained above, the habit of releasing slim versions after the first release of its consoles has become one of Sony's characteristics. This can also still be seen on their sixth generation console (PS2).

This habit was even amplified when Sony entered the next-gen console era (PS3). The developer released two slim versions: PS3 Slim (which was released in 2009) and Super Slim (2012).

By releasing two advanced variants, the PS3 can last for 6 years! Even though in fact the two slim versions of the PS3 look the same and are more like a gimmick, in fact this is Sony's surefire way to test their advanced strategy (which will only be visible in the next generation era).

And when the PS4 was finally released, Sony perfected this strategy. Apart from releasing the Slim version, this time they also released another variant which is labeled 'Pro'.

Not only do they both appear with a slimmer design, but especially for the Pro version, the engine has also been made to be more powerful. This is intended so that the console is able to devour various triple-AAA games that require "gahar" specifications.

So don't be surprised if PS4 being one of the consoles with the longest lifespan owned by Sony (from 2013 to now). Yep, even now, there are still many new games being released on this platform.

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PS5 Pro Will Be Released Soon?

When will the PS5 Pro be released?
When will the PS5 Pro be released? Source: VCGamers (Unsplash)

Considering Sony's habits, it is not surprising that gamers all over the world believe that the PS5 will also get a Pro version. This indication was strengthened with the release of the Slim version last year.

Not only that, the game that is planned to accompany the release of the PS 6 (GTA 6) will only be released at the end of 2025. Therefore, Sony still has time to "extend the life" of the PS5 by releasing the Pro version.

Seeing the urgency and existing limitations, it is natural that 2024 is the most appropriate moment for the developer to release this variant. This prediction is also confirmed by Sony itself.

Reporting from the page, Sony officials admitted that PS5 sales will begin to experience a significant decline in the first quarter of 2024.

In this way, it is only natural that Sony releases their final "move" in the form of releasing the Pro version of the PS5.

Furthermore, IGN also stated that it is estimated that the release of the PS5 Pro will most likely be present in the final quarter of this year. Of course, this assumption is adjusted to the release of the PS5 Slim which was also released in the final quarter of last year.

Yes, regardless of whether the PS5 Pro will be released this year or not at all, let's just wait for further official news. But to be safe, please save from now on Vicigers!

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