5 Best Agents in Breeze Valorant, Dominate the Tropical Map!

Master the tropical map by choosing the right agent. Discover the 5 best agents for Breeze Valorant and strategies for battlefield domination.
Breeze Valorant
Breeze Valorant. Source: YouTube.

Explore stretches of beach and ancient ruins on Breeze, a tropical map Valorant, you will face various unique challenges.

Wide expanses of open areas, punctuated by narrow passages and differences in height, demand choosing the right agent to help you dominate the battlefield.

So, there are 5 agents that are really suitable for you to use on this map. Come on, let's look at the review!

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List of the Best Agents in Breeze Valorant

So, so you don't get confused, let's read first who are the 5 best agents you can choose to dominate this new map!


Vipers. Source: YouTube.

Vipers excels at controlling the area and blocking the enemy's view in Breeze. Use Toxic Screen and Poison Orb to block chokepoints, stall enemy movement time, and create safe space for your team.

Breeze has a lot of smoke and dust that can limit visibility. Viper abilities such as Poison Orb and Viper's Pit can provide vision in smoke-filled areas, so you can see enemies easily.

The Torpis map has many nooks and crannies that Viper can exploit. You can learn unique lineups for Toxic Screen and Poison Orb to block hard-to-reach areas.

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Jett. Source: YouTube.

Jett's ability to move quickly and agilely is very useful in this map. Use Updraft and Cloudburst to reach high positions and surprise enemies from above.

Tailwind also helps you escape dangerous situations or chase enemies easily.

Additionally, Breeze is an ideal map for using Operator weapons due to its large open areas.

Jett is one of the most effective agents in using Operators because of his ability to move quickly and escape dangerous situations.

His ability to move quickly, escape dangerous situations, and use Operators makes him one of the best agents to play on the Breeze map.


Sova. Source: YouTube.

Sova is a very effective intelligence agent at Breeze. Use the Owl Drone to find out information about enemy positions and the Shock Dart to deal damage and slow them down. Recon Bolt also helps you track enemy movements and provide important information for your team.

Sova is a very effective intelligence agent. The Recon Bolt can provide information about enemy locations and movements in real-time. His Shock Dart can also provide information about the location of enemies hiding behind walls.

Sova is an agent that is suitable for various playing styles. He can be played aggressively to scout and attack the enemy, or played passively to provide information for his team.


Omen. Source: YouTube.

Omen can control areas and confuse enemies with his abilities. Use Paranoia to blind enemies, and Dark Cover to teleport to a safe position or to flank enemies.

Omen can take advantage of the many corners and alleys in Breeze to hide and surprise enemies.

Its ability to teleport also allows you to change positions quickly and avoid enemy fire.

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Skye. Source: YouTube.

Skye is a support agent who can help your team with heal and flash. Use Guiding Light to provide information about enemy positions and Heal Orb to protect your team.

Skye's Flashbang is also very effective at blinding enemies and opening the way for your team.

Skye's abilities are not limited to any particular area. Flashbang and Guiding Light can be used across the map, so you can help your team from anywhere.

So, this agent is very suitable because his abilities are very useful on this map. If you want to dominate Breeze, Skye is the agent you should consider.

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Remember to always communicate with your team, adapt to situations, and keep practicing to improve your skills.

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