Starting to become a hot topic of conversation, will Valorant Mobile be released in early 2024?

Many fans are waiting for Valorant to be released soon on smartphone devices. Is it true that Valorant Mobile will be released early this year?
Valorant Mobile
Valorant Mobile. Source: @ValorantMNews/X

Valorant Many fans are waiting for it to be released on devices soon smartphones. Is it true that Valorant Mobile will be released early this year?

Recently, Valorant Mobile has become a hot topic of discussion among fans again, one of which is on the X platform.

This article will discuss the latest news from games Valorant Mobile. Curious? Come on, follow it until the end!

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Valorant Mobile Will Be Released in Early 2024?

Valorant Mobile is rumored to be released in 2024
Valorant Mobile is rumored to be released in 2024. Source: @ValorantMNews/X

Valorant is a game with a genre FPS tactical shooter which was developed and released by Riot Games on June 2 2020. Since then, the popularity of this game has begun to increase and is played by many people.

The success of the PC version, now many fans are waiting for Valorant to release their mobile version on the market.

Their hopes came true because in 2023, the mobile version of this game was reportedly undergoing a closed BETA test held specifically for Android users in China.

Valorant Mobile - China Beta Test
Valorant Beta Test in China. Source: AnakinGG/Youtube

Some say that the exclusive version released by Riot Games in China will likely be different from the global version later. However, this still makes fans curious.

At least, Chinese fans can get an idea of what the mobile version of this game will look like and can exclusively try out the Agents that were first released for that version.

Some fans even released several video clips while testing the game. One of them is the AnakinGG YouTube channel.

Valorant Mobile - Valorant Gameplay
Valorant Mobile Gameplay. Source: AnakinGG/Youtube

In the video, which has been watched by 46 thousand users, fans flocked to praise the gameplay, which was considered smooth and adaptable well.

With the BETA test of the game, it seems that Valorant Mobile will soon be released for the global market in 2024.

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Riot Games Opens Up About Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile - Anna Donlon and Andy Ho
Anna Donlon and Andy Ho. Source: ONE Esports

Prior to this, even though there had been many rumors and speculation circulating, Riot Games had never provided a response regarding this game.

However, in the end, Anna Donlon and Andy Ho, who are high-ranking representatives from Riot, opened their voices in an exclusive interview.

Reported from article One Esports, Valorant executive producer, Anna Donlon stated that Valorant Mobile is currently in serious development.

The absence of a statement or response from Riot Games at this time is none other than because they want to ensure that the game has been developed more perfectly before releasing anything to the public.

Donlon also added that the game development process might take longer than they expected. However, they are also looking forward to this game.

Riot Games will provide more notification later if this game is close to its release date. This is because Valorant Mobile is still going through several changes.

Providing half-hearted details will tempt fans to keep asking about the game's official release date.

So instead of later getting pressure from deadline, they want to focus on developing better games.

In closing, both Anna Donlon and Andy Ho as game directors stated that they wanted to ensure that the mobile version would provide an authentic experience.

So even though later Valorant will be released for devices smartphones, all the features can still be used and converted properly as in the PC version.

Even though again no official date has been announced by the two, fans can at least feel relieved. This is because their favorite game is currently under intensive development.

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So, that's the article about the latest update for the Valorant Mobile game. So, have you had the bad luck playing it?

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