Valorant Update Leaks: New Skins, Weapons and Maps

There are a number of leaks about the Valorant update circulating. Starting from weapons, skins to new maps.
Valorant. Source: VCGamers

For you Valorant Game players, you must know about information regarding leaks updates in the Valorant Game which will experience a number updates which is very large compared to the previous version.

As is known, recently Valorant Game players have become a sensation again on the internet, especially on Twitter/X media.

Because, according to information circulating, Valorant will release a new weapon, a new skin bundle, and map changes that will occur in Episode 8 Act 1.

Of course, many players are curious about leaks updates the. So, on this occasion we will discuss leaks updates in detail.

So, you can find out the leaked information easily. Check out the discussion below.

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Kuronami Skin Bundle

valorant update
Kuronami Skin Bundle. Source: Twitter/X Valorant Leaks

On updates Episode 8 Act 1 starts with the release of a cool new skin for you to have, this skin is called Kuronami Bundle.

As the name Kuronami suggests, this skin has a Japanese-style theme where each shape of the skin has a dark aura and Melee is in the form of a kunai.

However, it has chains connected to each other like those used by most ninja in Japan.

The Kuronami skin has a price that is quite expensive compared to the price of skins in general.

Because this skin is included in the "Exclusive" category and the price for the Kuronami Bundle itself in the Weapon category is 2,375 Valorant Points (VP), while for Melee it is 5,350 Valorant Points (VP) and the total price for all bundles is 9,500 Valorant Points (VP).

Outlaw's New Weapon

Valorant updates
Outlaw Weapons. Source: Twitter/X Valorant Leaks

The new weapon that will be released in the Valorant Game is the Outlaw weapon, this weapon is included in the sniper category because it has a shape like a Marshal's weapon but only has 2 bullets.

Even though he only had 2 bullets, according to the news circulating damage generated by said weapon is above the Marshal's weapon and below the Operator's weapon. So that, damage This weapon falls into the middle between the two weapons above.

The Outlaw weapon can fire bullets in succession which will result in damage to the enemy and can make the enemy die instantly, apart from that this weapon can do that zoom out like a sniper.

According to a video circulating widely on the internet, damage The resulting Outlaw weapon is similar to Shorty's weapon at close range and now damage This was adapted to the Outlaw weapon in sniper form.

Apart from that, later Valorant will present a new bundle specifically for Outlaw weapons and the price of the bundle is 2320 Valorant Points (VP).

Map Rotation and Map Change

Map Rotation and Map Changes in Valorant
Map Rotation and Map Change. Source: Twitter/X Valorant Leaks

In Episode 8 Act 1, Valorant will make map changes and map rotation. The map that will be removed is the Heaven Map and replaced with the Icebox Map.

So the map rotation that will run in Episode 8 Act 1 is Icebox, Lotus, Sunset, Breeze, Ascent, Bind, and Split.

Apart from that, there were map changes that occurred on the Icebox Map, these changes occurred at strategic locations on the Icebox Map, such as the Mid Blue location where boxes were added.

Players can no longer climb onto containers to fight, Location B Green has seen container boxes removed.

Then, the players couldn't hide in that place, B Hall and B Tube had windows added so that players could carry out war through these windows.

Battle Pass Episode 8 Act 1

Battlepass Episode 8 Act 1. Source: Twitter/X Valorant Leaks
Battlepass Episode 8 Act 1. Source: Twitter/X Valorant Leaks

Battlepass Episode 8 Act 1 has cool skins that you must have. Because in this version the skin that will be released has a unique shape and has a color like a skin with an expensive price.

Apart from that, the Melee released in this battlepass has the name Guardrail Hammer, as the name suggests, the shape of the Melee is very cool and has a shape like a hammer.

The weapon skins included in the battlepass this time are Classic, Ghost, Marshal, Specter, Frenzy, Guardian, Shorty, Vandal, Bulldog, Odin, Phantom and Stinger.

This list of weapons is the weapons most used in the Valorant game, so the EP 8 Act 1 battlepass is very worth buying.

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So, that's the discussion regarding leaks updates in the upcoming Valorant Game, are you impatient to wait and play the latest version?

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