These are 3 ML Pro Players that the World Fears, Very Dangerous!

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In a fight esports tournament especially Mobile Legends, there must be a worry of encountering dangerous players. So, in MLBB it turns out that there are ML pro players who are feared by the world.

Some of these pro players are often seen as carrying a threat and making their opponents lose. Besides that, they are very dangerous.

They are also quite famous for their extraordinary experience and skills. Moreover, they are very smart in devising strategies to kill their opponents.

Actually, if we examine in depth there are lots of MLBB Esport players. However, most of these MLBB pro players come from Indonesia itself, you know!

Actually, not only from our own country, ML pro players from other countries are also participating, such as the Philippines, Singapore to Myanmar.

So, these are the guys who are always waiting for when the MLBB Esport match is taking place and the fans are waiting for them to play in international matches, you know!

So, when it comes to pro players who are very dangerous in the world, who do you think they are? Curious right?

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The World's Feared ML Pro Player

Actually, there are lots of MLBB pro players who are able to become a concern among Mobile Legends players.

However, in this article, not all MLBB players will be discussed. That way, we will only discuss the 3 most dangerous MLBB pro players.


ml pro player that the world fears (2)
Lemons (Source: Liquipedia)

First in line is an MLBB pro player from Indonesia named RRQ Lemon or often called Muhammad Ikhsan. He is actually very feared by his opponent, you know!

RRQ Lemons It can be said that he is very good at his abilities, especially when he uses his flagship Mage Mobile Legends hero which is very perfect. That way, he is the king of Mage heroes.

He is a player that is highly avoided, because he is very great when playing on the side line with his flagship Fighter hero. So with that, other players don't want to meet Lemon during the match because it has a very perfect win rate game.

There are lots of tournaments that RRQ has won with Lemon such as M1 and M2. Apart from that, he also won the MSL Invitation S1 and S2 as well as the MPL Invitational 4 National Cup 2020.

Another achievement he won when he joined RRQ Hoshi, he won MPL Indonesia Season 2, 5 and 6 to MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup 2020. Starting from that achievement, he became the player most feared by opponents.


The World's Feared ML Pro Player (4)
KarlTzy (Source: CNN Philippines)

The next Pro Player Esport ML that the world fears the most is Karl Gabriel Nepomuceno or KarlTzy namely a player originally from the Philippines who currently plays for ECHO Sports.

KarlTzi has won the MVP award from the MLBB M2 World Championship tournament at a relatively young age, when he was 16 years old and managed to kill 148 times.

In addition, he led ECHO to qualify for the M4 World Championship and he won his second title in the M Series. Together with this, ECHO managed to beat Blacklist International with a final score of 4-0.


The World's Feared ML Pro Player (2)
Ace (Source: Facebook)

One of the most feared pro players in the world is Nainglin Swe or often called Ace, who comes from Myanmar. He was part of the Burmese Ghouls and captained the Team there, however he is currently moving to the AI Sports team.

While still with Burmese Ghouls, he was runner up in the M2 Mobile Legends World Championship and MPL Myanmar Season 2.

And worst of all, he was able to win almost all the Myanmar MPL tournaments in seasons 1,3,4 and 5.

As an MLBB pro player, previously he had collected up to 92 kills and until now he has become a line of ML pro players that the world fears, you know!

Therefore, there are many opponents who don't want to meet him during matches or tournaments.

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