Complete Profile of RRQ Lemon, Here's His Career!

RRQ Lemon, the reason Lemon took a break from RRQ

RRQ Lemon's profile is very interesting to discuss. In addition, RRQ Lemon has returned to join RRQ Hoshi Team in the MPL ID Season 9 action after taking a break last season.

RRQ Lemon is one of the best eSports team members in Indonesia. This handsome young man is also one of RRQ Hoshi's keys to success in various Mobile Legends events.

During his professional career, Lemon only joined one team, RRQ. The 23-year-old player helped RRQ win and even earned the nickname 'The King of Kings'.

Not only that, Lemon is also called "Alien" because the choice of heroes he uses in competitions is always strange. Even so, he can still maximize the hero. The following is RRQ Lemon's profile complete with his early career.

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RRQ Lemon Profile

RRQ Lemons
Pro Player

The real name of this handsome pro player is Muhammad Ikhsan. He has been playing for the RRQ esports club for the last few years. This season, he also boosted RRQ Hoshi in MPL ID Season 9.

This famous young man was born in Banda Aceh on December 30, 1998. He is currently 23 years old. This player is known to be modest and rarely speaks.

Muhammad Ikhsan alias RRQ Lemon has been fond of games since childhood. When he was 6 years old, he fell in love with the game world because he often went to the internet cafe (barnet) with his friends.

In 2016, he also focused on playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) until he became an esports player a year later after joining the RRQ Hoshi team.

In the RRQ team, Hoshi Ikhsan started using the stage name RRQ Lemon. His team then asked the players to choose nicknames with fruit names and Ikhsan chose lemons.

Together with RRQ Hoshi, RRQ Lemon has achieved several successes in the field of esports, which made his name skyrocket, especially among gamers.

You could say Lemon is a player who can play various hero roles. That's why he is called "Alien". It was former Evos player Donkey who first came up with this nickname.

Even though he is known as the best Mage player, Lemon often uses non-meta heroes in tournaments. The latest example is the use of Belerick as an offlaner in M2 Mobile Legends.

Career Journey

RRQ Lemons

Lemon's adventures and career journey at RRQ have not always been smooth. Before dominating the Mobile Legends scene, they experienced many ups and downs and had to work hard to win.

Today, Lemon introduced many RRQ trophies, including Mobile Legends Premier League (MPL) Season 2, 5 and 6. In addition, the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup was also held.

Not only in Indonesia, Lemon and RRQ also hit the international world. RRQ Hoshi regularly participates in the Mobile Legends World Championship.

At that time, they were in second place in M1 Mobile Legends after being defeated by their compatriot EVOS Esports. Recently, Lemon cs took third place in M2 Mobile Legends, becoming the champion of Bren Esports. This is Lemon RRQ's profile and how he started as a professional Mobile Legends player.

RRQ Lemon has not yet opened a paid campaign. He prefers to use his social media accounts to post daily activities and things related to RRQ.

Meanwhile, if you want to watch RRQ Lemon live and show off his skills, you can subscribe to the @RRQ Lemon YouTube account.

Mainstay Hero

RRQ Lemons
Kagura MLBB

Not only that, Lemon's achievements as an esports athlete. A player who can fill all these roles, he also placed third in MPL Season 1 and runner-up in MPL Season 4. He also won the MVP title in MPL Season 4 regular round.


This hero looks unexpected. The results of our monitoring on the account Mobile Legends Lemon turns out to have the name Saber in fifth position. It was recorded that the captain of the RRQ team played 396 games with a win rate of 79.3 percent for the hero role assassin.

Saber's effectiveness as a meta is a bit lacking at the moment. This can be seen from the fact that no one chose Assassin made by Laboratory 1718 at the MPL Season 4 event. Even now, Lemon has only played this hero 4 times in Mobile Legends Season 14.

However, how well does Lemon wield the Saber? In MPL Season 2, when RRQ fought Saints Indo, the captain was seen using a Saber. His brilliant game was able to bring RRQ to win the match against Saints Indo. He was also named MVP in that game.

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Yes, as you might have guessed, Lemon's mainstay hero is Kagura. No Half-Hearted Hero has been played 3,585 times. Kagura Lemon is really cool.

Of course, he managed to record a profit of 91.2 percent on that figure. This percentage is the highest win rate for a captain hero in his Mobile Legends account. Lemon's skill as a mage from the Onmyyouji family ranks as a global top player.

The number was so large that even some people were asking themselves "Isn't he tired of using Kagura?"

If you look at the number of matches, the answer is clearly no. Also this season he played this hero 29 times with a win rate of 93.1 percent. The number of matches brought Kagura as the third most popular hero in season 14.

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On YouTube, RRQ Lemon is also quite popular with 4.5 million subscribers so far. This is the Profile and Biography of RRQ Lemon, RRQ Hoshi's mainstay professional player in Mobile Legends. Let's just wait for the Alien event in the upcoming championship.

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