The Latest and Most Complete Valorant Rank Order, Beginners Must Know!

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There are many things you need to know before deciding to play the Valorant game. One of them is the ranking level for each player which is divided according to skill, or often referred to as Valorant rank.

This game has been very popular since its inception. Like most games of this type FPS or First Person Shooter, Valorant It also has a competitive mode in which there are ranked matches.

This mode allows us to play competitively, against opposing teams. Also, get a ranking if you win.

The highest rank is currently occupied by radiant. It's not easy to get it. There are various ranks that you have to pass before reaching that point.

Through this article, the author will discuss it in full. Without further ado, let's get into the discussion. Check it out!

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How to Unlock Valorant Rank

Valorant Gameplay
Valorant Gameplay. (Source: Valorant in Game)

There are many types of games that you can play with your friends in the Valorant game.

Starting from Unrated, Deathmatch, Spike Rush, Replication, to Competitive Mode or competitive mode.

In competitive mode too, there is a rank that you will get. To open it, you need to achieve 10 wins in unrated mode. It doesn't need to be consecutive, you just need to win it.

After that, Vicigers can try playing competitive mode in ranked mode. From that point, your ranking journey will begin.

Rank order from Lowest to Highest

Valorant Rank Icon
Valorant Rank Icon. (Source: Valorant)

After knowing the requirements, the author will then provide information about the ranking stages that you must pass if you want to be the best. Among them are:


Iron is the lowest rank. In this rank, you will meet a lot of newbies who are also just starting to play.

However, it is possible that Vicigers will meet the Smurfs of the pro players.

Iron consists of 3 tiers. There are Iron 1, 2 and 3. You have to collect 100 rank ratings to move up to the next rank.


Unlike Iron, Bronze rank requires you to play more neatly and structured. Because, you will meet opponents who are more difficult than before.

But don't worry, the system will still adjust your matchmaking. Use, adjust skills, and playing experience.

Still the same as Iron, Bronze also requires 100 rank ratings to level up.


The skill that improves the most when you reach the Silver rank stage, usually Vicigers will start to get used to placing the crosshair on the opponent's body more precisely.

Silver also consists of 3 tiers that you have to pass before moving to Gold.


The fourth rank that Vicigers will encounter is Gold. This rank has the largest distribution of players, because its position is in the transition between silver and platinum. low to high.

Your mentality and way of playing will be tested. Because, you will meet various types of Valorant players.

If you compare it, this rank is similar to the Epic rank in Mobile Legends.


At this point, you have entered the top 4 ranks. Platinum is a rank that is difficult to find, because your opponents here are different from several previous ranks.

Still the same as Gold or Silver rank, Platinum rank is also divided into 3 levels.


Many Valorant players are stuck in this rank. The reason is, the enemies you encounter will have skills that are above average.

You have mastered the right crosshair, neater and more structured attack coordination, and how to defend properly.


At Immortal rank, you have the opportunity to play together with the pro players of your dreams.

You could be teammates with Forsaken and Sayoo. Or even become his enemy.


Radiant is the highest rank in the Valorant game. When you reach this stage, you could be recruited by an esports team to try out a trial with them to become a pro player.

How to Get a High Rank in Valorant

Judge Visualization
Judge Visualization. (Source: Valorant) 

If you are a newbie, never play alone. Invite your friends to play. Steal their knowledge, and ask for their advice. Develop your play style according to the role you have chosen.

Master basic weapons, SMG or rifle types, to make it easier for you to play. If you feel more skilled than before, try training your instincts and skills with a sniper type weapon.

Next, adjust the playing hours. Usually, you will meet people who are skilled at playing at night. Avoid this time.

Most importantly, keep practicing your skills in practice mode. Also hone your instincts in competitive mode, so that a sense of play is formed.

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