List of the Latest FF Vehicles 2024, Don't Just Choose!

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Free Fire has various kinds of vehicles that can be used by players as supporting transportation to travel from one point to another and carry out rotation strategies. Thus, the existence of FF vehicles is highly contested.

Even though there haven't been many changes to the model since the game was first released, Garena continue to update regularly, to make the players' playing experience enjoyable.

Apart from technical, non-technical updates such as the latest skins in collaboration with well-known brands such as Lambhorgini or Mclaren are also carried out by Garena.

So, what will the latest FF vehicle list for 2024 look like? This article will discuss it specifically for you.

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List of Latest FF Vehicles 2024

Lamborghini. (Source: Free Fire)

These are the newest FF vehicles for 2024, including:

Speed Car

Speed Car Free Fire
Speed Car Free Fire. (Source: Garena)

In first place is the Speed Car vehicle. Garena Free Fire has collaborated to create a Speed Car skin with a vehicle brand with a very famous bull logo.

Yes, that's right! Free Fire once collaborated with Lamborghini to create the skin. At that time, four types were released. Namely, red, metallic blue, gray and yellow.

Even though it has good speed, handling is difficult. You have to practice a lot to be good at driving it.


FF Vehicle - The Cobra Skin Motorbike
The Cobra Skin Motorbike. (Source: Garena)

Motorbikes are one of the FF vehicles that have lots of skins. The most shocking thing was when Garena collaborated with the Korean band, BTS.

However, despite its abundance of skins, Motorbike is not really a mainstay for many players. Because it can only accommodate two people from the total team of four.

Apart from that, we are not protected by doors or roofs. So it is easier to be attacked by the enemy team.

However, this vehicle can be a mainstay when you need a small vehicle that is practical and fast for rotation.

Monster Trucks

Skin Bonebruiser Monster Truck FF
Skin Bonebruiser Monster Truck FF. (Source: Garena)

One of the vehicles that has the greatest defense. However, there are quite big weaknesses in Monster Truck FF.

When we ride it, we cannot respond to enemy fire like other vehicles.

You still have to consider it. Because the Monster Truck is large, you and your teammates can use it to break into your opponent's gloo wall defense.

Pickup Trucks

Starsea Skin Pickup Truck FF
Starsea Skin Pickup Truck FF. (Source: Garena)

The pickup truck can be ridden by the entire team, which is separated into 2 parts. 2 people will sit in the front, while the other 2 are in the back.

Just like riding a motorbike, a pickup truck doesn't have a good defense mechanism. This is because the rear tailgate is very open.

Players sitting back there are very vulnerable to being shot at from various directions by enemies. Moreover, if the position is tight.


Golden Jeep FF skin
Golden Jeep FF skin. (Source: Garena)

This FF vehicle has many disadvantages compared to other vehicles. Because, he can't go as fast as a Speed Car, or even a Motorbike.

So, if you want to make a quick rotation to a point on the map, and choose to ride a Jeep, then Vicigers has made the wrong decision.

Jeeps even have speeds below Pickup Trucks and the big Monster Trucks which are known to be slow.

ATV/Amphibian Ride

FF vehicle - ATV
ATVs. (Source: Garena)

ATV or Amphibian Ride, almost has the same specifications as a motorbike. However, at a slower pace.

As the name suggests "Amphibian", this vehicle has 4 wheels and is similar to a car. And, you can take it into the water.


TukTuk Skin Diwali Special
TukTuk Skin Diwali Special. (Source: Garena)

There is only one typical vehicle presented by Garena in the game. Tuktuk is a vehicle from Thailand. However, don't expect much from this vehicle.

Because its speed, endurance and cruising range are very poor.

It is certain that you will become a target for the enemy when you climb on it. Remember, this vehicle is very open, similar to Bajaj in Jakarta.

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