Complete Review of the MP40 Weapon, the Best SMG in Free Fire!

MP40 Weapon

Aloha Vicigers! There are also weapons that are used at very close range, namely types Shotgun and what will be discussed is the type Sub Machine Guns (SMG) which is suitable for use at close range.

Surely the players also know about the MP40 weapon, which is a type of weapon Sub Machine Guns which is the mainstay of the players Free Fire.

The use of this type of SMG will suit players who have an aggressive nature. Loyal players Free Fire who have often played this game must be familiar with some of the words above.

Discuss about weapon types Sub Machine Guns (SMG), this weapon has a fairly short shape. But behind it has a power that is quite amazing.

MP40 is arguably a weapon that is often used by players. This weapon is the best SMG type weapon among the others, because it has damage the big one.

The players who are quite profitable when using this kind of weapon here are the players rush.

This MP40 besides having a strong shooting speed is also very easy to use during the game.

This weapon has recoil which is considered very small. Consequence recoil small size, the MP40 is able to kill enemies quickly without having to worry about the bullets scattering.

The main advantage of the MP40 is its high rate of fire. Have points Rate of Fire 83, this figure is a fairly high point.

This weapon has value damage 48 which can be considered quite low when compared to other favorite AR weapons and points Movement speed and Reload speed 63 and 48 respectively.

Although damage from this low MP40, this weapon is still helped by the shooting speed which if used in the right way will easily defeat the enemy.

How to use the MP40

There are methods that are often used pro player when using this MP40 weapon so that the performance of this weapon can be maximized. These methods will be more detailed as follows.

Proper Use of Characters

The main thing to note is the selection of the inner player character games. A good weapon supported by the appropriate character will increase the player's abilities as well.


The character that is suitable for using this MP40 weapon is Nikita. This character is able to improve reload speed on MSG weapon types such as this MP40 weapon.

my abilityreload quickly this is also very helpful for players rush, where if we are late for a moment maybe the enemy will attack back.

Pay Attention to Surrounding Conditions

The MP40 weapon has a fairly small accuracy value. Therefore, if you want to shoot your opponent you have to be at the right distance. Also avoid doing battle indoors.

The reason is, it can result in difficulty directing fire at the enemy. If you force yourself to shoot from a distance, you will still be able to shoot the enemy, however, you cannot kill him quickly.

Also, if shooting at too close range, there is a possibility of being shot by an enemy using a type weapon shotgun.

Use of Tricks Jump Shot

As the name implies, this trick is shooting when jumping, which aims to outwit the enemy. trick Jump shot with this MP40 it can make us able to avoid enemy fire.

Apart from that a combination of tricks jump shot and this MP40 specification value is also useful when you want to do a headshot because it will increase the ratio.

Selection and Use of the Right Attachment

Attachments this will be useful to be able to improve the performance of the MP40. This weapon will be able to become stronger if added attachments form foregrip also magazines level 3.

This will make the MP40 weapon have the ability to finish off enemies quickly and the bullets will be safe, aka they don't run out quickly.

Use of the Best Skins

Weapon skins have a function to add status which is very useful for the game. Using skins on MP40 weapons will cause a variety of statistical additions to improve weapon performance.

It should also be noted, because the high added speed can make bullets run out quickly without us realizing it, so you don't run out of bullets while shooting, don't forget to do reload.

If players already know the characteristics of this MP40 in detail, then players will be able to use this weapon to the fullest and will feel more like a professional player or pro player.

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