Advantages of Hero Yve ML Mage and How to Use It

Hero Yve ML

Hero Yve ML is one of the newest Mage heroes released in February 2021. This Mage Hero immediately steals the attention with all the unique ultimate mechanisms and Meta in Mobile Legends. So you can count on Yve to add to your star collection in rank mode.

Yve since her appearance is known as a very deadly hero mage. Given that this hero has a wider range of skills. Besides that, it is supported by having greater damage compared to other heroes.

Advantages of Hero Yve ML Mage the Astro Warden

The presence of the Yve ML hero has succeeded in making ML players even more curious. Considering that this Mage hero has ultimate skills like a wide chess board. If you are curious about Yve's hero, you can see some of its advantages below:

  1. Has spam skills and burst damage

Mamang, currently there are many players who have been presented with various heroes with spam skills. For mage heroes, there is Valir who has a skill stack on skill 1 when it hits the opponent's target. Besides that, there is Lunox who has a fast skill cooldown.

Currently, there is a Yve ML hero who has an easy and fast spam skill. So when using Yve's hero, you have to spam skills. Considering that this spam skill is very influential on Yve's ultimate. The more spam skills the greater the damage generated.

  1. More immune to crowd control

Until now, many mage heroes are weak against crowd control. So many mage heroes rely on flicker to escape from locking the opponent's hero. Especially as a mage hero, you have to focus when doing war because you are always the target of opposing heroes.

Yve is a hero who has anti-crowd control such as slow and stun effects. So in the ultimate activation process there will be no interruptions. If the opponent's hero gets closer, it will be easier to kill him because of a big explosion.

  1. Yve has a large area of attack

Yve has skills that have a wide range. As a mage hero, of course you have to take into account the distance so that you are not easily targeted by the enemy. Has skill 2 which has an area attack and causes a slow effect. Meanwhile, Yve's 3 skills are similar to Pharsa.

  1. Can duet with many heroes

Currently, many ML players combine mage tank heroes to launch attacks on opponents. Currently, there are lots of combinations of the two, starting from Odette with Johnson, Aurora with Atlas, and others.

Not all mage heroes can duet, different from Yve who can be combined with various heroes such as Tigreal, Silvanna, Belerick, and Jawhead.

Seeing its various advantages, of course Yve's hero subscribes to bans when playing epic, legendary, and so on rank rank levels.

Tips for Playing Hero Yve Mobile Legends

After knowing the various advantages, of course you will be even more curious about how to play it. On this occasion, we will explain some of GG's tips on playing the hero Yve ML. For more, see the following explanation:

  1. Understanding Yve's hero skills

The first step is to make you more GG playing Yve's hero, so you must first understand the skills it has.

  1. This passive skill from Yve will collect the stack. When it is full 10 stacks will deal great damage.
  2. Skill 1 Yve will explode Galactic Energy with 200 + 90 magic power damage.
  3. Skill 2 Yve will summon Void Crystal with 220 + 40% magic power damage. Skill 2 can still be used with 110 + 20 magic power damage and a 35% slow effect.
  4. Skill 3 Yve will create a starfield in the specified direction. Skill 3 deals enormous damage up to 400 + 120% magic power.


  1. Using the right build to make it even more overpowered

The build in the Mobile legend game is indeed very influential on the performance of heroes, one of which is Yve. If you choose the wrong build it will cause Yve not to kill. So that you don't choose the wrong one, please use the following build:

  1. Demon Shoes
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Necklace of Durance
  5. Ice Queen Wand
  6. Glowing Wands

Guaranteed to use this build, Yve's hero will get sicker and feared by his opponents.

  1. Very dangerous in the early game and late game

When entering the early match it is better for Yve to take the Mid lane. So, by taking the middle route, you will get rich quicker. So that Yve can roam to help the team during war.

When it comes to war, Yve has to play more aggressively and barbarously. When entering the late game Yve has to play gangking or gathering. Remembering that in the late game Yve couldn't play alone because she didn't have the blink skill.

Thus an explanation of some of the advantages of using the Yve ML hero. after that you have also got some tips to make it even more GG. Make sure you don't play Yve carelessly so that the results are maximized. Hopefully this explanation can add to your insight.

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