The 5 Best Free Fire MAX Prizes in the Holi Event Calendar

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Holi event calendar has 5 gifts Free Fire Max the best you have to get. Although getting all of them is a bit difficult, you can still get one of them.

Events are very important for Free Fire MAX players because they allow you to get free gifts in the game, and the developers are constantly adding new ones. Even before the ongoing Free Fire x Assassin's Creed event ends, Garena has released content centered around Holi celebrations.

Garena continues to add events to the game to attract Free Fire MAX players. Developers are now hosting Holi events.

In the next 2 weeks, players get the opportunity to take advantage of free modes, events and prizes. Garena has released the upcoming Holi event calendar for Free Fire MAX. With this, the players will know a lot about the upcoming event and the prizes received in it.

They have also released a detailed event calendar, which displays the dates of events that will be introduced to the game. Here are the best Free Fire Max prizes that gamers can get through this event.

List of Free Fire MAX Prizes at the Holi 2022 Event

Holi celebrations have started and lots of fun Free Fire Max activities and rewards have been added to the store for battle royale mobile gamers.

All events and their schedule are listed below. According to the Holi Free Fire calendar, the new campaign will reward players with many prizes, including emotes, craftland room chords, head skins, royale weapon vouchers, pet food and diamond vouchers.

Funky Knight Helmet (Login Rewards)

Free Fire Max Prize
Funky Helmet

Funky Knight's helmet can be found in the 'Login Rewards' section of the event calendar. You will be able to get it for free on March 19, 2022, the peak day of celebration.

You will not be asked to perform any tasks and will be able to claim them only by logging into Free Fire MAX on the specified day. Funky Knight Helmet is a Free Fire Max prize that you really have to get.

Facepaint (Dodge the Balloon)

Free Fire Max Prize

The next Free Fire Max prize at the Holi event is Facepaint (Dodge the Balloon). As part of the upcoming 'Dodge the Balloon' event, you can also get a Holi themed facepaint.

The special event will be accessible between March 14 and 20, and you will have more information as soon as it starts in the coming days. This event will likely be a mini-game that gamers must play. 

Holi Swagger Jeep Skin (Gather Balloons, Make a Splash)

Holi Swagger Jeep Skin can be obtained through the Gather Balloons event, Make a Splash, which has started in battle royale titles.

The skins look quite attractive, and users are advised not to miss the opportunity to get them at absolutely no cost. You have to collect 30 red balloons, 10 orange balloons and 20 blue balloons.

Prismatic Warrior Bundle (Snakes & Ladder)

The Prismatic Warrior Bundle will be available to players in the Snakes & Ladders event, which will be accessible on Free Fire MAX between 14-20 March 2022.

Men's clothing is an interesting one and has caught the attention of many gamers. As the name suggests, you have to play mini-games based on the classic 'Snakes & Ladder'.

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Switching Steps Emote (Gather Balloons, Make a Splash)

Emote is one of the rarest items that many users want to get in Free Fire MAX. However, the most common ones require a large number of diamonds. Through the 'Gather Balloons, Make a Splash' event, a free emote in the form of Switching Steps will be given.

Like the Holi Swagger Jeep Skin, the player must collect a certain number of balloons.

The Gather Balloon, Make a Splash and Log-in events have started from the list of Free Fire MAX events above. You can enter popular battle royale games and claim their login rewards for the day. For this they have to go to Happy Holi 2022 section.

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Those were the five best Free Fire Max prizes that you can get at the Holi event held by Garena. The easiest gift you need to get is the login gift. You don't need to make any payment.

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