Get to know the Valorant “Valiant Hero” Bundle, is it worth buying?

New Valorant Valiant Hero Bundle

Valorant recently released an update, where this update features the newest Bundle Weapon, Valiant Hero and at the same time released a new agent called Iso.

The Weapon Bundle has a very good design and has effects finisher for each weapon at the time of the player's last kill. Apart from that, the price offered by this bundle is quite cheap because it is included in the "Premium Edition" category.

Even though it is included in the "Premium Edition" skin category, this bundle has a very unique shape and skin compared to other bundles that have been released for a long time. So is this bundle worth buying?

Check out the discussion below, before you want to buy the bundle.

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What is the Valorant Weapon Bundle?

Weapon Bundle in the game Valorant is a collection of weapons that have special skins, where each skin has its own uniqueness and each skin in the Valorant Bundle has a different price, depending on the skin and effects released.

If the weapon has effects and finisher when carrying out the final kill, you can be sure that the price of the skins in the Bundle is quite expensive, in contrast to the Bundle which only has skins for each weapon, but has no effects and finisher for the final kill so you can be sure that the bundle is quite cheap.

The Weapon Bundle period in the Valorant Game varies depending on how exclusive the bundle is.

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Valorant's Latest Weapon Bundle

Valorant's Latest Weapon Bundle
Valorant's Latest Weapon Bundle. Source: VCGamers

In this patch, Valorant has just released a bundle that is very unique and unique finisher which is very cool, but has a fairly cheap price because it is included in the "Premium Edition" category.

The bundle is called "Valiant Hero" which has a skin that is relatively new compared to the skins that have been released by Riot previously, especially the animation on the meele from this bundle which is very different from other bundles, so the melee in this bundle is quite unique and new.

The “Valiant Hero” bundle is a bundle that collaborates with the character Sun Go Kong, because of the skin and finisher The product produced in this bundle has a Sun Go Kong animation on the last kill when the player kills an opposing player.

Apart from that, the banner in this bundle also shows the characters of Sun Go Kong and melee, which in this bundle is also in the form of a stick, which indicates that the melee is the characteristic weapon of Sun Go Kong himself, because in the Sun Go Kong story the stick is his weapon for against the enemies.

So what weapons are included in this "Valiant Hero" Bundle and how much is the Valorant Point skin price for each weapon? The following is a list of weapons and prices that are included in the Bundle list:

  • Valiant Hero Vandal = 1775 VP
  • Valiant Hero Operator = 1775 VP
  • Valiant Hero Ghost = 1775 VP
  • Valiant Hero Ares = 1775 VP
  • Spray = 325 VP
  • Player Cards = 375 VP
  • Gun Buddy = 475 VP

Total Bundle Price: 7,100 VP

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Melee Bundle Valiant Hero Animation

Melee Valiant Hero Animation
Melee Valiant Hero Animation. Source: Youtube/Reven Valorant

The melee animation in this bundle is very good, because Riot introduced the Valiant Hero melee animation as a melee with the latest animation in the "Premium Edition" skin category.

The melee animation in this bundle will allow players to hold sticks like Sun Go Kong when fighting against enemies and when inspect The stick will then be spun around like Sun Go Kong, so that the animation won't get boring if you watch it continuously.

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Is the Bundle Worth Buying?

Vandal Valiant Hero
Vandal Valiant Hero. Source: Youtube/Official Valorant

In our opinion, the "Valiant Hero" bundle is very worth buying considering that the bundle has a fairly cheap price because it is in the "Premium Edition" category.

Even though it falls into this category, skin and finisher when you kill the last enemy, a Sun Go Kong effect will be released which looks cool to look at and makes the bundle have the feel of the "Exclusive Edition" category.

We only suggest based on what we see from the bundle subjectively, whether or not to buy the bundle is back to you, according to your individual preferences and don't forget to look at your budget.

Whether it suits your wishes or not, don't regret it after buying, it would be better to first look at the reviews spread on YouTube to use as a reference for whether or not to buy the "Valiant Hero" bundle.

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So, that's the discussion about the newest bundle from Valorant, namely Valiant Hero. Will you buy this bundle?

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