How to Get the Latest Free CP COD Mobile in 2023

CP COD Mobile Free 2023

The free CP COD Mobile is of course the target of many players. If in PUBG Mobile there is UC, then in the game Call Of Duty there is CP as an official means of payment in the game.

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most downloaded games in the world besides Free Fire. COD is an FPS game with a bit of Battle Royale. 

Even though this game is free, to enjoy and win the game, you have to spend some money to buy CP in the game. 

Not everyone or gamers can spend money to buy CP in the game. No need to worry, because in this article VCGamers writes about how to get the newest free CP COD Mobile in 2023. 

A number of tricks to get CP COD Mobile for free In this, you need to install some apps and create an account and complete some tasks to collect points which can be exchanged for digital currency balance. 

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Get to know CP Call Of Duty Mobile 

CP COD Mobile is free
CP COD Mobile is free. Source: Youtube.

CP is the name of the premium currency in Call of Duty Mobile which is used to buy special items or increase game progress. Buying CP can make it easier for you to buy lots of interesting items. 

To get CP, players often top up on paid CP provider sites, such as VCGamers. In VCGamers, you can buy CP with various amount options. You can even buy other items in the game besides CP. 

You can use a credit card or Google and Apple Pay balance, depending on the system the game is installed on. If you are interested in getting CP COD Mobile for free, please continue reading this article to the end.

Tricks to Get CP COD Mobile for free

In particular, VCGamers has summarized several tricks or ways to get the latest free CP COD Mobile for 2023 that you can follow.

Google Rewards 

Google Opinion Rewards
Get CP COD from Google Opinion Reward. Source: VCGamers.

Google Rewards is a Google application, the reliability is very high, without the risk of your game account being hacked by other players. Like other survey applications, here you will get credit from Cellular services for completing work assigned to Vicigers by Google. 

Google Rewards is an ideas tool for companies that know what they love. This application is easy to understand and use, there is a place where it shows balance and an option to ask you to take a survey, the first survey is very important to accept others.

The Google Rewards application is available for download on Android and iOS systems and can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store. Hurry up and download!

Completed the premium Battle Pass 

battle pass
Battle Pass. Source: Youtube.

The Battle Pass is a reward system in Call of Duty: Mobile that allows Vicigers to progress through different levels and earn different rewards such as weapon covers, clothing, weapon types and COD points.

The Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Mobile contains 50 unique rewards that can be obtained by upgrading when you purchase the Battle Pass. You just need to play to level up.

The longer you play, the higher level Vicigers can unlock and the bigger prizes Vicigers can get. The Battle Pass system is accessible to anyone, the difference between the free version and the premium version is the paid version. 

If you buy the Premium Battle Pass, you can only get Epic-Legendary rewards. At certain levels, you will also get free CP. 

If the total, free CP can return CP capital to buy BP Premium at the beginning (320 CP). This means you only need to buy the Premium Pass once, you can buy it again in every new season.

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Participate in Giveaways and Prize Events 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Messi
Call Of Duty's newest event. Source: VCGamers.

Every time there is an event with prizes, Garena usually holds a free COD Mobile 2020 CP giveaway. This can be done by working with other people in the form of bonuses and cashback. 

To get information about events from Garena, you can follow and view their official social media accounts. Serpri on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can even get the info via their YouTube channel.

Some of the free COD Mobile CP methods above are legal and will not have a blocking effect on your account. Do not use illegal methods to obtain certain prizes.

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Often, only fraudulent activity or illegal writing leads to account blocking. So, if Vicigers wants to top up cheap and fast CP, please top up only at VCGamers Marketplace!

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