Latest PUBG Conqueror Rank Push Tips 2023, Chicken Continues!


Conqueror is the highest rank in PUBG games. It's not easy to get to that rank, even if you have good skills. Because of that, you need some of the latest 2023 tips that you can apply in the game.

You need to collect enough points to reach the highest level in PUBG Mobile. Vicigers must play rank and push rank mode with friends.

Collect more ranking points, and quickly reach Conqueror. Please see the top pro tips for Conqueror push rank in the latest PUBG Mobile 2023 version VCGamers.

How to Push Rank Conqueror in PUBG

You need to collect enough Conqueror points to reach the highest level in PUBG Mobile. Here are tips on collecting rank points to achieve them quickly.

Play safe 

Check PUBGM Corner
Checking the Angle on Top of the House. Source: YouTube/Levinho

Vicigers will lose a lot of PUBG Mobile points if you die frequently. Many players engage too early and are killed when they are not fully prepared for battle. 

Therefore, you have to play it safe if you want to push rank steadily. If you have good skills, you can land in medium risk locations. Or else, choose to land in some low-risk spots to get ready in advance.

Don't choose high-risk spots because you should get involved early. Sometimes, you are forced to get involved when you are not ready. Then, the chance to die immediately is very high even when your skills are good.

Do not Loot in the Place of the Enemy

PUBG loot
PUBG loot. Source: Youtube.

Another important tip to get enough ranking points for PUBG rank push. You're not in a good position to reflex and shoot back when looting. 

For example, enemies can kill you with a vehicle crash when you're prone to looting in open ground. Or else, you need time to stand up and counter if the enemy rushes you when you loot.

Survival points are one of the most important ranking points in this game. The longer you can last in each match, the faster you can collect enough conquering points in PUBG Mobile. 

Therefore, free up some space in your backpack for healing items, such as bandages, first aid kits, medicine boxes, boosts and more.

Team work 

pubgm chicken dinner tips
Playing Squad in PUBGM. Source: Youtube.

Teamwork is also an important skill to push rank and immediately get the PUBG Conqueror tier. In squad mode, teamwork and communication are key elements for getting a Chicken Dinner. Even pro players are not too confident to go solo often in this game.

If you face a noob team, you can overcome them with good skills and the right tactics. However, it's much more difficult if you meet a team of pro players.

The more Chicken Dinners you get, the more rank points you can collect to qualify for the PUBG Conqueror tier. Therefore, you need to use all their best skills, tactics, strategies and tips to win.

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Always Use Vehicle

Using a vehicle. Source: Youtube.

Vehicles are a lifesaver if you know how to use them properly. The vehicles in this game are an important component in any rank boost. 

Vehicles help you reach the safe zone quickly. Use vehicles to crash into enemies as well as instant and viable cover in the end zone.

Of course, it still depends on the settings, but try to always use 4 wheeler instead of 2 wheeler.

In the world of battle royale, where the last person (or team) standing wins, making sure that your enemy actually dies is extremely important. 

Always kill enemies who are being knocked down. It's better to take kills made by the other team as this can contribute to the K/D ratio and increase the kill rating. Showing no mercy is allowed, and it will be a winning factor.

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