How To Rise PUBG Conqueror Fast In March 2022


You must know how to ride the Conqueror PUBG quickly for March 2022. Check this post to find out.

PUBG offers its players different modes to experience classic Battle Royale matches. However, the Squad mode has gained more popularity than the Solo and Duo modes as players can play with their friends every day.

With so many players playing squad mode, push rank becomes more difficult. However, if players follow the strategy and execute it correctly, you too can reach the conqueror level like many other players in C2S4. This will help you get their name on the leaderboard.

So, here's how to get on the PUBG Conqueror quickly in March 2022. So, don't miss these tips, bro.

How to Rise PUBG Conqueror Quickly

Start Push Rank Immediately After New Season

How to Rise PUBG Conqueror Quickly
PUBG Mobile

The way to quickly rise to the PUBG conqueror is to play faster and more often than other players. The introduction of each new season in PUBG Mobile results in the levels being reset. 

Those of you who try to push rank to conqueror in Squad mode can start immediately after the level is reset. This will avoid more competition as more players join later in the season.

It has been witnessed in PUBG during the season that most of the platers start a few days after the tiers reset. Later, more players joined them to increase the competition further.

As a result, rank pushers who will start earlier than others will have a relatively easier path up to the Conqueror level.


Play With Your Own Squad And Establish Good Communication

How to Rise PUBG Conqueror Quickly

Playing with your own squad or friends is one way to get up the PUBG Conqueror quickly. Communication is a major requirement in multiplayer video games. The same is true in this game. 

You are required to give the right call and use the markers available in the game to establish the right communication, which will ultimately help them survive longer and win more fights in classic matches.

Also, playing with a regular squad helps to increase synergy and better communication. Since you already have some knowledge of the gameplay of their teammates, it will help you emerge victorious in more matches and earn more points.

Communication is the key to success in any team game, and the same can be applied to your duties in this game.

Players who communicate well before entering into a compound or holding it perform better than those who don't communicate well.

In addition, playing with experienced teammates will help you last longer and get more points from each match, because those users will make fewer mistakes and give better calls than rookies.

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Use More Utilities

How to Rise PUBG Conqueror Quickly

The use of a different utility has been popularized by PUBG esports players and is now being used even in classic matches by many players looking for a way to get up the PUBG Conqueror quickly. Utilities help to survive longer and get more points from each match.

Assault utilities like frag grenades and Molotov cocktails help paralyze enemies, and smoke grenades help create temporary cover when you're on the receiving end of fire.

Health utilities such as bandages, first aid kits, energy drinks and painkillers help you last longer by increasing your HP after finishing a fight or after taking damage from a zone.

Play Continuously For Several Days

How to Rise PUBG Conqueror Quickly

There is no shortcut to success in terms of push rank in this game. In order for your name to appear in the top 500 every day for the highest level, you must constantly work hard on the battlefield.

Don't lose to other players who work hard every day. But, don't push rank when you're exhausted. Better to take a break.

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Those were some ways to quickly get on Conqueror PUBG in March 2022. Surely you will need this method in battle. Good luck!

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