5 Best Weapons in TDM Warehouse PUBG February 2022


Use the 5 best weapons in the TDM Warehouse PUBG This is to increase your recoil skill in February 2022.

PUBG Mobile is a popular name in the battle royale genre of apps. This game has set various records in terms of downloads, and its popularity is increasing day by day.

This game features many exciting maps and modes for players to explore and offers the best battle royale experience.

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One of the most popular modes in the game is the Team Death Match mode. The first team to reach 40 points is the winner of the game. You can equip four different weapons in your loadout.

Below we have summarized the 5 best weapons in PUBG's TDM Warehouse for February 2022.

List of the Best Weapons in TDM Warehouse PUBG


The Best Weapons In TDM Warehouse PUBG

The best weapon in the first TDM Warehouse PUBG is Groza. Groza is one of the best AR in the PUBG Mobile game.

This weapon has impressive damage per hit and incredible fire rate. You can quickly defeat your opponent with just two to three head shots.

Weapons can be upgraded to unlock additional attachments, which include magazines and muzzles.


The Best Weapons In TDM Warehouse PUBG

The next best weapon in TDM Warehouse PUBG is the M24. This weapon is the perfect choice for players who like to kill opponents with one shot.

A single shot of M24 in the lower body deals 104 damage, while a shot in the head kills all level 3 enemies.

Maybe it's a bit rare for players to use the M24 in battle at TDM PUBG Mobile. One of the reasons is that shooting skills using a sniper is not easy. Only a few players can.


The Best Weapons In TDM Warehouse PUBG

The third best weapon in the TDM Warehouse is the Uzi. Micro Uzi is one of the best SMGs in PUBG Mobile. You can equip an Uzi in TDM mode and get some quick kills in no time.

This weapon uses 9mm ammunition and has a maximum ammunition capacity of 35 bullets per round. You can upgrade weapons by playing with them and unlocking all their attachments. Its high rate of fire makes up for its low base damage in the game.

Beryl M762

The Best Weapons In TDM Warehouse PUBG

Groza's best competitor in PUBG Mobile is AR Beryl M762. This weapon offers reasonable damage per hit with its 7.62mm ammo.

This weapon has a base hit damage of 46 and can equip up to three additional attachments.

Recommended attachments are a compensator, foregrip/vertical light grip, and an extended quickdraw magazine.

Beryl is certainly the best weapon in TDM Warehouse PUBG so far for all players.

The Beryl M762 is an excellent weapon for TDM due to its high rate of fire. It has slightly less damage compared to weapons using a similar type of ammunition.

With a damage of 46, this firearm also has a fast fire rate of 0.086 seconds. It has a 30 magazine size, but can load 40 rounds with the extended magazine.

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The Best Weapons In TDM Warehouse PUBG

The last weapon on the list of the best weapons in TDM Warehouse PUBG is the AR M416. The M416 is the ideal weapon for close and medium range shooting.

You can win 1 on 1 fights with the AR M416 in hand as it delivers great firepower, and the short reload time will give you an extra edge over the rivals.

This weapon uses 5.56mm ammunition, and its ability to allow four additional attachments makes it the best weapon in TDM Warehouse PUBG February 2022.

This weapon is consistent and has a very favorable recoil pattern. Weapons accept various types of attachments, which increase their abilities.

A high rate of fire helps in close combat, and gives more time to react.

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Those were the five best weapons in TDM Warehouse PUBG for February 2022. However, the M416 will be the mainstay of AR for players until now.

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