5 Best FF Weapons for BR OB34 Mode

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Free Fire OB34 has come bringing a lot of changes to the game's weapon roster. Here are the best and most useful FF weapons that you should use in this patch BR mode.

Free Fire OB34 just came out earlier this month, with new characters and various changes to both skills and weapon stats. In this article, we will show you the 5 best FF weapons to use in the Free Fire OB34 BR mode.

List of the Best FF Weapons OB34

There are a variety of the best FF weapons that gamers can use to outperform their opponents on the Garena Free Fire battlefield. They have the freedom to use firearms according to their preference and playing style.

However, many beginners and intermediate are often stuck choosing a particular weapon for various combat situations. This article will guide you to the ideal weapon suitable for several situations.

Vector (Akimbo)

Best FF Guns

Vector is the first Akimbo weapon in Free Fire, it has a short effective range, but devastating power at close range.

Even after all the nerfs in the previous patch, Vector Akimbo is still super strong. With a fire rate of 81, it is the second fastest and best FF weapon in the game, only slightly slower than the MP40.

For an SMG that has high recoil, Vector surprisingly offers a good 61 accuracy. This allows players to score headshots fairly reliably at close range.

Double Vector is one of the deadliest combos ever in Free Fire for close combat. Even though its attributes were nerfed a bit a few months ago, it was still efficient at taking down enemies within seconds.


Best FF Guns

The best part of the M21 Woodpecker is its ability to penetrate armor. With a whopping 75 points in armor penetration stat (highest in the game).

The weapon can ignore up to 3/4 enemy damage reduction from armor and helmets. This will ensure his strength at the end of the game, where everyone will be wearing high-level gear.

The Woodpecker has the highest accuracy of any other AR or semi-auto sniper rifle in the game. With 69 points, you will be able to snipe from afar with relatively good results. You can also equip almost any type of attachment on the woodpecker.

This weapon is also a sniper rifle with a bit of high flair compared to the AC80 in aspects such as damage, accuracy and armor-piercing power. It's a top choice for gamers landing in a BR mode match, and attackers should pick it up at first sight.

Charge Buster

Best FF Guns
Charge buster

Charge Buster is a special rifle that has a “load” method. Players must hold down the fire button to charge up powerful shots, with high damage, range, and low spread. When fully charged, one shot is enough to kill the target instantly.

Players can use this weapon to destroy vehicles and gloo walls very easily. It can blow up Jeeps, blue cars and sports cars in 2 shots. Small vehicles like amphibious bicycles can be blown up with a single shot.

Charge Buster is the latest addition to the Free Fire gun category. It needed to be operated quite differently, as the user had to hold down the fire button to charge damage to the gun.

The more the Charge Buster is loaded, the less bullets scatter, giving better accuracy in shots. However, pressing the fire button excessively will reset charging.


Best FF Guns

The next best FF weapon for BR mode is the M1887. M1887 has increased in strength since the best weapon against it, Chrono's shield, was nerfed.

It is the most powerful single shot weapon in Free Fire, with the ability to deal massive damage per shot. And with 67 armor piercings, it's effective even in the late game against players in vests.

Similar to a sniper rifle, the M1887 can kill with one head shot or two body shots. However, you need to be careful, because it only has 2 bullet magazines. Enemies can reverse the situation if they miss.

one-shot killer, M1887, arguably the most popular shotgun among Free Fire gamers. Damage and armor penetration are its main attributes, making it a deadly weapon. Movement speed is good enough to drag the double barrel to make a one-tap headshot.

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Best FF Guns

The newest AR in the game, Kingfisher, became one of the best and most popular FF weapons after the OB32 update. While the other stats are just average, the Kingfisher's fire rate is ridiculous. This weapon is the fastest auto AR in the game and can deal massive damage.

In addition, it is also the lightest rifle in the game, with a movement speed of 89. Players using this weapon will gain significantly greater mobility.

High fire rate and movement speed were the two main attributes that even made him suitable for mid-range combat. Users should note that it has a much smaller magazine.

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Basically, players have to choose weapons according to the battle scenario and their playing style. The ideal weapon combo can indeed help them more efficiently. Weapons that complement each other's talents can be considered the ultimate combo.

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