Cast and Voice of God of War Ragnarok

You're curious about the cast God of War Ragnarok? Yep, along with the rapid development of today's era, digital technology and computing are becoming increasingly sophisticated too.

Various engines and programmed production techniques are also involved in the manufacturing process of audio-visual media.

Today, the gaming industry has become one of the most profitable and generates large income. The circulation of money that occurs there is no longer something that can be taken lightly or trivial. It is only natural that in the end various advanced tools and methods are widely used.

One of the games made with such progress is installation God of War (GOW) entitled Ragnarok. This legendary game with billions of connoisseurs and fans deserves a sequel of the highest quality.

If you look behind the scenes, the process of making GOW Ragnarok actually looks like a film set instead of a game. The reason is, these game characters are made not only involving visual computer program-based design alone, but also involving the acting of real actors/actresses!

Their presence plays a major role in depicting appearance, posture, and various other appearance aspects that appear on the characters in the game. So don't be surprised if these actors rise to become celebrities who are no less popular than Box Office film artists.

So for Vicigers fans GOW For those who are already curious about what they look like, let's take a look at the details of the cast one by one so you can get to know them better!

That way you don't only understand the in-game characters, but also the cast. Check it out!

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Main Cast of God of War Ragnarok

Source: YouTube/Playstation

So, now we enter into the main discussion, namely the cast of GOW Ragnarok. Even though there are no Hollywood artists, I'm sure you will be stunned after seeing it. Here are some of them:

Kratos/Christopher Judge

Kratos/Christopher Judge
Kratos/Christopher Judge. Source: YouTube/PlayStation

For the main character, Kratos, is played by an actor named Christopher Judge. Although the actor's face and skin color are not used as a reference for the protagonist, his voice, posture, and movements are played by him-himself.

Even so, he is the second actor for the god of war, where previously this character's voice was played by voice actor named TC Carson.

Atreus/Sunny Suljic

Atreus/Sunny Suljic
Atreus/Sunny Suljic. Source: VCGamers

Who doesn't know Atreus as the son of the god of war? Yes, this iconic character who turns out to be the embodiment of Loki, the god of 'mischief', is played by an actor named Sunny Suljic.

What's unique about this character is that all facial shapes, movements, voices, and body shapes are actually taken from this actor!

Freya/Danielle Bisutti

Freya/Danielle Bisutti
Freya/Danielle Bisutti. Source: YouTube/TechRaptor

Next is Freya's actor, Danielle Bisutti. Like the Kratos actor, the actress for this character is also only taken for her voice and movements, while her appearance figure is developed using a game engine according to a separate in-game design.

Thor/Ryan Hurst

Thor/Ryan Hurst
Thor/Ryan Hurst. Source: YouTube/GAME CENTRAL

The Thor character is played by an actor named Ryan Hurst. Of course Thor GOW Ragnarok is very different from the Marvel Cinematic version played by Chris Hemsworth!

Even though he doesn't have a distended stomach like in the game, his movements, voice, and bearded face are adapted from the actor.

Odin/Richard Schiff

Odin/Richard Schiff
Odin/Richard Schiff. Source: VCGamers Collage

And the last main character, Odin, is played by Richard Schiff. This is one of the characters whose cast is a veteran screen figure.

Schiff has won the prestigious Emmy Awards. Naturally, when his acting became so phenomenal.

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Use of Motion Capture Technology in the Game Industry

The cast of God of War Ragnarok
Source: YouTube/PlayStation

The role of actors and actresses in games is only possible after the implementation of a technology called 'motion capture' or abbreviated as 'mocap'.

This technology is a method of capturing human movement to create more realistic digital characters.

This technology has become an integral part of modern game development, enabling developers to reproduce human movements with high accuracy. This is done by recording the actual movements of the actors using sensors on their bodies.

The sensors follow every body movement of the cast and record data that can then be used to animate digital characters in games. As a result, the resulting animation can look natural and dynamic.

The playing experience that is presented can be more in-depth and immersive for the audience. So don't be surprised if hack and slash fighting games like GOW Ragnarok are the ones that are suitable to be made using this technology.

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