How to Get the Latest 2022 FF Vigilante Bundle

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Garena never stops doing new events and items as well as new skins for each player. You can listen to this page to find out how to get the latest 2022 Vigilante FF bundle.

There are several new features from Garena Indonesia, namely the Vigilante FF bundle, a package that many survivors covet now because it's great to use your character for free. And of course, if you are an active free fire player, you definitely want to get this free fireball game, right? 

There are not many loyal players in the game free fire these are those who are willing to spend deep enough to add diamonds to be able to buy fireballs for free. But did you know that there is a trick to get this Vigilante FF bundle for free, and if you want to know how, see the following review.

Game Fireless is very popular with many mobile players in Indonesia, maybe because this game is very exciting, especially in the many events that you can attend and get for free.

So that you are not easily confused by playing this free fire game and the main feature of this ff game is the many great things and interesting features that you can get.

An example of a feature that players think about more often is having characters and pets that accompany you during the game. And of course each pet character has different skills and of course it is very beneficial for its users, for example the health points of your character can increase.

And back to discussing the Vigilante FF bundle, as I said earlier, you can get this package for free. So how to get it? To get it for free, you need to use ff config.

What is the Vigilante FF Config Bundle?

Bundle Vigilante
Free Fire

We are sure that if you have played this game well enough, you will already know exactly what ff config is, where the configuration itself is the script used to add items to the game.

For example, if you buy a pack or character, there is a configuration script item you purchased in the file manager on your smartphone, and you can copy and transfer the configuration script to anyone.

Of course, if a friend receives the configuration file of Vigilante FF's own bundle, put it in the free firewall, the vigilante package that you couldn't use before because you haven't bought it, you can use it immediately.

Garena sells weapon skins, packages and other items with a price range from the cheapest to the most expensive. But as time goes by, now there are many fraudsters who use underhand techniques to get it for free without raising.

Currently, there are lots of ff mod apk offers, unlimited diamonds and coins that have added cheat features such as unlimited diamonds and others. Simply using your own version of Vicigers is very risky.

So for those who want to download the Vigilante configuration Free Fire Bundles can visit the sidebar

When you visit this address, you will be directed to the free fire vigilante configuration package download page. After entering the page, click download and wait for the download process to complete.

Make sure the internet quota you have is still sufficient so that the download process doesn't crash. Now that you have downloaded the free fire apk bundle configuration file, the next step is to simply go through the installation process so you can start using it right away.

How to Install the Vigilante FF Bundle

Bundle Vigilante

To install the Vigilant Free Fire Configuration Bundle, Vicigers friends must use the Zarchiver application which you can get from the Google Playstore, and after the application is installed, see the tutorial below.

  1. The first step is to open the Zarchiver application that you have installed
  2. Then look for the previously downloaded configuration file
  3. Next, you will extract the file until it contains a configuration file
  4. If file recovery requires a password, the password is 2
  5. Then move the configuration file to the Android folder > Files > Content cache > Required > Android > Gameassetbundles > Configuration paste here
  6. Once done, exit File Manager and open the game for free
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Now you can use this ff pack for free and don't need to buy it with diamonds to save money. You can also easily use this cheat because you need to move the configuration file.

If you have successfully installed the ff configuration package according to the instructions above, then now you have to open your free fireworks account, the free vigilante firewall package will open automatically without reuse diamonds.

This underhand technique is very dangerous, why? because the Garena developers don't have the advantage that you have to be prepared if something goes wrong, such as suspending or blocking your account.

What we recommend is that if you have enough money, it's better to fill up the diamonds first then buy the vigilante game package with free fire to be safer.

In this way, developers can also benefit and continue to develop this free fire game. Well, it seems that's all we can give in this review about how to download the latest free fire ff vigilante configuration package and how to install it quickly.

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That's all, if you want to get the newest Vigilante FF bundle for free in 2022, enjoy using this package for free and share it with your friends too!

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