Strongest Vexana Counter Item Recommendations 2022

You can use Vexana's recommended Counter Items to easily defeat him in Land Of Dawn 2022.
Tips for Using Vexana. Source: Mobile Legends

If you are still having trouble beating this one hero, you can use the VCGamers 2022 recommendation for the strongest Vexana item counter.

Mobile Legends already has lots of cool and powerful new heroes. But since there is also Vexana's strongest counter item, it provides something for you to use against her. Because he is a Mage hit hero from Revamp, we also have to fight with objects.

With some of the strengths he has in Mobile Legends, he is very strong and hard to fail. Despite the abilities he gave when using them in the game, the enemy was clearly in trouble.

Even with tips on using Hero Vexana Mobile Legends, it sounds very simple. So that players can study heroes well and also easily understand if you do it too.

But if you fight against him, then understand the strongest Vexana counter items in Mobile Legends which are very strong to defeat opponents like that. Even with that thing, you won't be hit by a lethal attack from the hero.

List of Vexana MLBB Counter Items

Tough Boots

Vexana Counter Items
Tough Boots.

The Vexana counter item that you can use is Tough Boots, because this item has a good Passive. Actually, we use these boots for Hero Mage users, but in reality passive mode can reduce the effect of Crowd Control on enemies by 30 percent.

So the Effect of Skill 1 won't affect you for a long time, because it turns out to be a very unpleasant thing. For example, if you are affected by a skill, the short-term use of that skill will not be affected.

These boots are great for any hero for Crowd Control. When you see an enemy, use a lot of Crowd Control like Nana or Eudora.

You can use these shoes to reduce the CC effect so you can easily get them. For example, if you slow down to 10 seconds in these shoes, you slow down slowly and the duration of 10 seconds turns into 7.5 seconds. So you can easily block CC.

Athena Shield

Vexana Counter Items
Athena Shield

Who doesn't know the defense of this object, Vexana's counter item in terms of high damage solutions. Because with the Athenian Shield, we can only buy it directly to defeat it.

This item will bring the Hero's Shield to deal magic damage, so it won't do a lot of damage. Even the passive activation of an object is very fast, so you won't die or die right away.

This item adds a very high magic defense compared to other items. Besides that, with increasing HP and rain, your hero will get stronger and harder to kill.

This item has a passive called Shield, this passive can be activated when receiving magic damage and reduces the damage received by 25 percent in 5 seconds. This passive has a relatively fast cooling of 10 seconds. As a result, Athena Shield is the favorite of all heroes.

Cursed Helmet

Vexana Counter Items
Cursed Helmet

Add Cursed Helmet it's actually fun because it's harder for us to expose ourselves to the enemy's magic damage. Even when he's fighting, it's not difficult, because we only use Items and the battle becomes easier.

Then with the help of the Cursed Helmet itself, it's quite rare to become a Vexana counter item. But this thing was perfect for Tankers, so they couldn't go wrong trying to get their hands on it.

The main selling point of this Cursed Helmet item is its passive. Passive in question is that a hero who uses this item will give Magic Damage of 1.5 percent based on the nearest opponent's Max HP per second. Damage will increase 50 percent to Minions. 

Winter Truncheons

Vexana Counter Items

If indeed Vexana always gives it using its Ultimate, then Winter Truncheons suitable to be able to counter it in a match. Because with this item, you will be able to use additional skills that become frozen and cannot move or take damage. 

So if your position is against Vexana up close, you can immediately rush and deal damage to her. But if your opponent wants to attack, you can use Skill items to stay safe for a few seconds then attack properly.

This not only increases magical power, but this item also increases physical defense and HP, making the hero automatically fatter. This is a good thing, considering that it has a low price.

This item has a passive called Freezee, this passive freezes the user's hero and gives an immune effect to all damage and debuffs within 2 seconds. You will not be targeted by other heroes at this time.

This passive can save you at critical times or in various deadly combinations like Harley or Aldous. But this passive can cause your hero to be unable to move when he is passively active, so you also have to have an escape skill to be able to save yourself or wait for help.

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Radiant Armor 

Vexana Counter Items

Of course, with this Vexana Revamp Mobile Legends enemy, Radiant Armor can be an excellent counterattack. Even with Passive Item Skills, it's very good and also strong enough to withstand Vexana's Magic Damage slowly.

Because you will be continuously exposed to magic damage from enemies, Radiant Armor will increase its defense. This upgrade will increase the level, you can write up to 6 times with the effect in just 3 seconds.

Of course, with these 5 strongest Vexana counter items in Mobile Legends, you won't have any trouble. Thanks to Vexana's strong counter items, your game will definitely find it easier to face heroes like that.

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Including several Vexana Mobile Legends combo heroes, we need to know about this. So that you are not fooled by the hero, so you are still the strongest in this game.

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