5 Rare Free Fire Bundles Like Cobra Rage 2022 Bundle

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The Cobra Rage Bundle is one of the most popular and rare items. Not many players can get it. Well, here VCGamers will share 5 bundles Free Fire rarest like the Cobra Rage bundle in 2022.

There are many items in Garena Free Fire that have acquired their own separate fan base. The items in this game are usually characters because of their tactical prowess. However, the Cobra Rage bundle is one of the most popular in-game collectibles.

The costume bundle comes with several color settings that can be changed, in addition to the special effects cobra that stays around the costume. The Cobra Rage bundle has also changed with the character bundle. Apart from that, the costume bundle also has its own emote that can be activated in battle.

Although popular among fans, the Cobra Rage bundle is relatively rare in Garena Free Fire. This item is only available in-game during a special event after its introduction in February 2021 via Cobra Ascension. Fans got one last look at the Cobra Rage bundle in December 2021.

The following list is not in any particular order and reflects only the opinion of the author. So, prepare yourself!

The Rareest FF Bundle Like the Cobra Rage Bundle

Paper cut 

Cobra Rage Bundles
Paper cut

Garena introduced several animal-themed bundles such as cardboard in Safari Riot Incubator May 2021. Even though all the bundles were designed quite smartly, they couldn't get much attention from the general audience. So, after the deletion, they have not returned to the game.

Tiger Papercut, along with other variants, has become one of the unique bundles that Garena has introduced. The cardboard design makes for a pretty cute yet desirable look. Four Papercute bundles were introduced in-game in May 2021 via Riot Incubator's Safari.

There are four variants in the Papercut bundle: Zebra, Tiger, Grizzly, and Gators, which are compatible with both male and female character types in Garena Free Fire.

Top Criminal

Cobra Rage Bundles

Like the Cobra Rage bundle, the Top Criminal bundle has garnered a lot of fame in the game. Costume bundles with clown masks are often the target of fans. However, they are rarely seen in games.

Initially, the developer only introduced the Green Criminal bundle in the game in December 2018. However, the high popularity made Garena present another variant through the Bandit Squad Incubator which includes the top four criminal bundles: Red, Blue, Purple, and Yellow. Developers introduced Bandit Squad Incubator in January 2019.

There are two types of spins available, normal and special. One normal spin costs 20 diamonds. A normal set of 5 spins will set the player back with 90 diamonds.

Meanwhile, a special spin costs 40 diamonds. The chance of getting the main prize in the Top Criminal Green bundle is tripled when using special spins.


Cobra Rage Bundles

Free Fire's dinosaur-themed jumpsuit is one of the most famous yet rarest costume bundles in the game. The six Dino bundles were part of the Incubator in January 2020. Despite being from the same series, each Dino bundle has a different design that varies with color.

The developer also introduced in-game Dino bundles on rare occasions. Thus, one could not see them easily.

The Dino Bundle has become one of the most popular and rarest, just like Criminal and Cobra Rage. The Galaxy Dino Pack is the most sought after outfit set among the six options. However, none of the six Dino bundles made it back into the game properly.

Alpha Flameborn

Cobra Rage Bundles

The Alpha Flameborn has a striking similarity to the Cobra Rage bundle, as their designs are similar to one another. Alpha Flameborn was introduced by the developer during Booyah Day celebrations in November 2021 via “Booyah Ascension.”

The legends costume bundle offers multiple colors in designs with VFX of skeletons of otherworldly creatures. Thus, it is one of the best collections at the event. Once removed, the bundle has become one of the rarest in the game.

Alpha Flameborn is available in the 'Booyah Ascension' event, which requires players to collect and spend a certain amount of tokens in the bundle. This bundle also offers color alternating like Cobra Rage with impressive VFX.

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Threats and Goddesses

Cobra Rage Bundles

Spider's Nest Incubator in July 2019 presented the Threat (male) and Goddess (female) bundles which were one of the most stunning in terms of design. There are six costumes available in the game, three of each with designs mixed with mystical, futuristic and post-apocalyptic elements.

Character clothing is one of the most desirable items in Garena Free Fire MAX because it provides users with various customization options.

Players can create unique combinations using different outfits, while they can also earn full clothing sets through Lucky Royale, shops, events and more. Many clothing sets include the rarest in the game.

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Cobra Rage are two of the rarest and most popular bundles in Garena Free Fire MAX. The character clothing sets are unique and highly coveted. The Cobra Rage bundle offers alternating colors with special effects which have been a fan favorite and rare for quite a while.

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