The Best Apple Watch Game You Must Try, It's So Fun!

Apple Watch Games

Games Apple Watch is one of the features presented apples for their Apple Watch product. Apple provides this feature to meet the desires of their target market who are teenagers and adults.

Of course you know what are the uses of the Apple Watch. Starting from an efficient timepiece, measuring body temperature and weight, to a Fitness Tracker to help you track your body's health.

However, apart from the cool features of Apple Watch on top, you can also play games on that mini watch. Curious what games can be played? The following are recommendations from VCGamers News!

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Recommended Apple Watch Games to Play

The Apple Watch games that we will recommend you can play anytime and anywhere as long as you have an Apple Watch. There are several game genres and titles that won't bore you.


Game Apple Watch Rules!
Game Rules!

The first game that can be played on the Apple Watch is Rules! Initially, this game could only be played on an iPad or iPhone. However, Apple is expanding with this game so that it can also be played on the Apple Watch.

Rules! is a puzzle based game. You need to have quick hands to press the recommended commands. When you play it, there will be many icons that you have to press in the order or order in the game to get a score.

You can play this game by buying it for IDR 45,000 on the App Store. After successfully buying it, just pair it with the account that is embedded in your Apple Watch.

Runeblades – Apple Watch Games

Runeblade Games. Source:

If you like games RPGs, it seems that you have to play a game called Runblades this! This game starts with a story where gods and goddesses wake up from sleep and suddenly become evil.

As a player, you must fight these enemies using swords and sorcery while finding artifacts to complete missions. This game is free of charge, aka you can download it for free at AppStore!

Pocket Bandits

Pocket Bandit Games. Source:

The next Apple Watch game will make you play a bandit, according to the name of the game itself. In this game, you are assigned to break the combination code to get treasure or points in the game.

Uniquely, every time you determine or guess the code until it works, your Apple Watch will also react by vibrating. Get games Pocket Bandits on the App Store for IDR 15,000.

Trivia Cracks 

Trivia Crack Games
Trivia Crack Games.

Games with the theme of sharpening intelligence will always be fun to play. The good news is that you can also try intelligence games or knowledge tests on your Apple Watch with a game called Trivia Cracks!

In the game, you will be provided with a variety of interesting questions that you must answer correctly. This game is not available exclusively on the App Store, you can also play it via download on the Play Store for free.

Apart from the Trivia Crack game, there are also intelligence-teaching games similar to this game. The title of the game is Elevate: Brain Training. Games Elevate: Brain Training You can also enjoy it for free on the App Store.


Komrad Apple Watch Games
Komrad Apple Watch Games.

Games Komrad tells the story of an AI robot that was created since the Cold War in 1985. The AI robot is given a mission to detonate nukes.

However, by the time the creation of the AI robot was complete, a malfunction occurred which caused the AI robot to fall asleep and wake up in the future. So, your mission is to negotiate with the AI robot or carry out orders so that the AI robot does not launch nukes so that you win the game.

Well, that's the five games apples The watch we recommend for your Apple Watch. Before playing, don't forget to check your watchOS operating system version. Because most of the games above can only be played on the watchOS 3.0 operating system.

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