BNB and BTC analysis Friday 12th August 2022

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VCGamers did the analysis bnb and BTC today, Friday 12 August 2022. This is done by paying attention to the movements of the two crypto assets.

Apart from analyzing, VCGamers also predicts the movement of the two crypto assets.

Let's see the full review!

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BNB/USDT analysis

BNB analysis August 12, 2022
BNB analysis August 12, 2022

Based on VCGamers's analysis, the BNB/USDT market currently shows buyers trying to get away from sellers who have been suppressing buyer movements for 3 hours.

It is predicted that buyers will pass and the market is heading for resistance at the price of $326,- / $328,- / $330,-.

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BTC/USDT analysis

BTC August 12, 2022
BTC analysis August 12, 2022

Based on VCGamers's analysis, buyers are currently accumulating with a marked sideway market.

If it manages to get past the major resistance at the price of $24.150, then the market is predicted to head towards resistance at the price of $24.308,- / $24.819,- / $25.287,-.

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These are the results of VCGamers's analysis related to the movement of BNB/USDT and BTC/USDT crypto assets today.

Always do in-depth research before investing in crypto assets. Because crypto investing is a high-risk activity.

You need to know the fundamentals of a crypto asset before deciding to invest.

We have to know the developer of a crypto assets.

In addition, we also need to know how roadmap of a crypto asset and see how it progresses.

Furthermore, we also have to know what are the products and uses of the crypto assets we want to buy.

Do not fail to do research before deciding to buy or sell crypto assets.

Because, even though it has the potential to provide high profits, crypto investment also have a high risk.

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