Benefits and Risks of Crypto Investment

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Crypto Investment Risks – VCGamers recently launched a crypto digital asset called $VCG Token. You can start investing in crypto by buying it.

In line with that, we are committed to participating in providing education about the investment itself.

We have also reviewed tips before deciding to invest. So, now we will review the advantages and disadvantages of crypto investment.

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Reported from, there are a number of advantages and risks of investing in crypto. Curious? Come on, let's see the full review below.

Crypto Investment Advantages

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Lately, not a few people have invested in crypto assets. So, what are the benefits that you get from this investment?

High Returns

When investing in crypto assets, you can get high returns.

The price of the assets you buy can increase dramatically when you invest in crypto assets. Because, the increase could have reached up to 100%.

You need a strategy to own these crypto assets. Apart from that, you also have to pay more attention to the things that you need to prepare when you want to invest in crypto.

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Practical and Faster

You can make transactions more practical and faster. For example, when you want to make transactions between international banks. The relative transaction time will be faster.


You may be worried about legality when you want to invest in crypto. However, in several countries including Indonesia Bitcoin trading has been recognized and supervised by authorized bodies.


This investment is also called transparent. Because, you can immediately see the transaction history of buying crypto digital assets that you made.

However, the details cannot be known for sure because they are anonymous and are only in the form of numbers.

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Crypto Investment Risks

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Every investment certainly has its own risks. Risk is something that certainly arises when you want to make an investment.

In the following, we will discuss 3 risks that always haunt when investing in crypto.

High Risk

With a high profit potential, this investment also has a high risk as well. The exchange rate of the assets you buy can go up and down in extreme ways.

Therefore, we need to do thorough research before deciding to invest in crypto assets.

Prone to Cyber Crime

Furthermore, the risk of crypto investment is that it is prone to cybercrime or cool language 'cyber crime' in the form of data theft by hacking accounts.

Minimal Regulation

Crypto asset investment is now legal in Indonesia. The regulations regarding this matter are still relatively new. However, there are still a number of things that have not been regulated. So, let's just wait, hopefully in 2022 the regulations regarding this matter will be completed as a whole soon.

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