look forward to it! VCGamers Will Prepare NFT Marketplace Platform

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VCGamers is currently preparing the NFT Marketplace platform. So, later you will be able to buy and sell your digital assets on the platform.

Recently, VCGamers has launched $VCG token. The NFT Marketplace platform created by VCGamers is projected to be coming soon in 2022.

Before going into detail about the breakthrough from VCGamers, let's first review what NFT is.

What are NFTs?

VCG Tokens Okay

Lately, of course, you often hear about the term NFT or Non-Fungible Token. Moreover, recently a young man from Semarang known as 'Ghozali Everyday' managed to grab the public's attention.

The story of Ghozali Everyday is viral on social media. The reason is because this 22-year-old man sells NFT works at high prices, reaching billions of rupiah.

The NFT photo work that is being sold by Ghozali Everyday is a self-portrait of himself in front of a computer for the past few years.

You must be curious about what NFT is? Let's see.

According to WikipediaAn NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a digital file whose unique identity and ownership is verified on the blockchain -blockchain- (digital ledger).

Generally, NFTs can be created by uploading files. Like, digital artwork to the auction market. It then creates a copy of the recorded file as an NFT in a digital ledger.

Digital files can be reproduced without limit. Then, the NFT that represents the digital file is tracked on the blockchain and provides the purchaser with proof of ownership.

Blockchains like Ethereum and Flow each have their own token standards to define their use of NFTs.

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VCGamers Set Up NFT Marketplace

VCGamers Founder - $VCG Token - NFT Marketplace

So like this, CEO & co-Founder of VCGamers, Isya Sony Subraba had said that VCGamers had prepared an NFT Marketplace platform. This was conveyed by the man who is familiarly called Sony when the $VCG Token was launched some time ago.

Sony said that based on the existing roadmap, the NFT Marketplace is projected to be mature in the fourth quarter of 2022.

"We want to introduce to the Indonesian people that creative digital products and digital assets have great potential to drive the domestic economy in particular. VCGamers wants to take part, contribute to introducing Indonesia to the global level through the VCG token, NFT marketplace, and other game-based creative digital products," said Sony.

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VCGamers itself is known to have launched the $VCG Token some time ago. During the launch, 35 million out of a total of 100 million crypto digital assets in the pre-sale were sold out in just 6 hours.

The $VCG Token will later make it easier for you to transact on the VCGamers Marketplace, VCGamers.com.

Tit for tat, the potential and commitment of VCGamers was welcomed by one of the largest exchanges in Indonesia.

"VCGamers was contacted by the largest exchange in Indonesia, and is currently in the exploration stage to see the potential for the $VCG token to be listed on the exchange. In line with these results, $VCG will comply with domestic rules or regulations regarding digital assets. We will carry out all the steps according to the procedure. VCGamers has a mission to educate the public, so we are also committed. We are optimistic about the potential and composition of the existing team, full support from angel investors and partnerships that have been established," said Sony.

"For the public who wish to contribute to becoming one of the holders of $VCG, they can directly visit the official vcgamers.io website which will later be directed to PancakeSwap to make purchases," said Sony.

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