5 Most Expensive X-Suit You Can Buy with UC PUBG Mobile!

5 most expensive X-Suit that can be purchased with UC PUBG Mobile, there is also a new skin that was released in 2024, you know!
UC PUBG Mobile
UC PUBG Mobile. Source: VCGamers

With so many skins available, is there Vicigers Here are those who are curious about the most expensive X-Suit skin that you can buy using UC PUBG Mobile?

Yep, questions like these have certainly crossed your head, haven't they? So, if yes, let's take a look at the following review of the most expensive skins! Especially for sultans, bro!

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5 Most Expensive X-Suit You Can Buy With UC PUBG Mobile

Without further ado, let's get straight to the main discussion, namely the list of the most expensive skins in the 2024 update. For those of you who are sultans, this is a must have. Here's the review:

Fiore X-Suit

UC PUBG Mobile
Fiore X-Suit. Source: Official Site

Starting from the cheapest and newest is the Fiore X-Suit. This skin, which was introduced in December 2023, is one of the most expensive and newest for this battle royale game!

This skin, which is full of plant themes and has a full greenish nuance, is a sign for sultans. Carrying the Icicle Spike Ace32 weapon which matches the skin theme, this X Suit is really suitable as a Valentine's gift!

Just make sure you have "deep" pockets. Because to be able to complete this skin completely, it takes around 10K-100K UC PUBG Mobile, or around IDR 2-20 million!

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Blood Raven X-Suit

UC PUBG Mobile
Blood Raven X-Suit. Source: Official Site

In the next place there is an X-Suit skin entitled Blood Raven. As the name suggests, the theme will be very synonymous with blood and crows.

So don't be surprised if this skin is dominated by black and red! Not to mention the crow animation that is also included with this skin!

So, in order to get this skin, please be safe and have 126,000 UC PUBG Mobile in your pocket, or around IDR 24 million! Please save from now on, who knows PUBG open the gacha again!

Stygian Liege X-Suit

Stygian Liege X-Suit
Stygian Liege X-Suit. Source: Official Site

In third position is the Stygian Liege X-Suit skin. Similar to the Fiore skin above, basically this skin is suitable for those who like using female characters.

The theme carried by the X-Suit looks like futuristic alien images with a barroque theme. With grayish armor with some red accents, this skin really contrasts when it comes to Pochinki.

The price set by Krafton as the developer of this game is also not half-hearted. Vicigers must have UC PUBG Mobile as many as 150K, or around IDR 27 million!

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Avalanche X-Suit: 160K UC PUBG Mobile

Avalanche X-Suit
Avalanche X-Suit. Source: Official Site

Avalanche, which means 'snow avalanche' in English, is very suitable for skins that are closely related to this winter theme. Those who wear it will look fierce: like wearing armor made from chunks of ice!

So that this skin can look shiny when you use it under the hot Miramar sun, make sure you save your pocket money/monthly salary so you can buy 160K PUBG Mobile UC! This is around IDR 32 million, so how long does it take to save approximately?

Golden Pharaoh X-Suit: 160K UC PUBG Mobile

Golden Pharaoh X-Suit
Golden Pharaoh X-Suit. Source: Official Site

And the most expensive skin and the one most identified with luxury + sultan is of course the Golden Pharaoh skin! This skin, which takes reference from Ancient Egyptian culture, is really suitable to be purchased by people with the same wealth as Pharaoh, the King of Egypt.

This skin, which is dominated by a yellowish gold color with bluish accents, is truly worthy of showing the highest social status among players PUBG. If you meet someone using this skin when it drops on Erangel, it's better to just follow suit - who knows, maybe they'll buy the skin, right...

Because of course, to be able to have this skin, anyone has to be able to spend 160K in PUBG Mobile UC, or the equivalent of IDR 32 million! Just like the Avalanche skin, right?

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So, that was the discussion regarding the 5 most expensive X-Suit that can be purchased with UC PUBG Mobile. If you want the cheapest PUBG Mobile UC top up, always visit VCGamers Marketplace place!

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