Important! 5 Tips & Tricks for Playing Split Valorant

Split Valorant

Split Valorant is an interesting map to play because it doesn't seem like it was designed for that purpose Valorant simple one. This game is about holding or taking Site Spikes (Bombs), so the rest of Valorant's map feels built to attack or defend this site. 

Split has a much larger Mid path, which seems better equipped to deliver heavy hitting hits like Team Deathmatch. TDM mode and others may come in time, and with different objectives, map tactics may change. For now, surely every team has the best tactics for attacking and defending Split here.

Overview Split Map

Split Valorant is one of the maps available in Valorant, which has two Spike locations and three main paths – two on the sides and one in the Mid. 

Splits benefit the defensive team in that there are only two narrow routes leading to the planting spot, making it easier for them to defend.

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5 Tips for Playing on Split Valorant Map

Split Valorant

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Site A Strikers don't have much choice here but A Main, so Spike Site B is probably the better bet overall. Instead of taking Spike Site A, it's usually better to choose a defender first. This means trying to turn around and take an A Screen from behind, or head towards the center of the map towards A Tower or A Ramps itself.

Site B : If you attack Spike Site B, there is almost no way to do it successfully without abilities. Assuming, of course, it's properly maintained. If the defenders die or in Spike Site A, then go crazy. However, with a properly fortified Spike B Site, you should use walls or smoke screens – Jett's Cloudburst as well as the aforementioned Phoenix and Sage – to minimize the threat coming from anyone in Tower B.

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Site A : The best way to defend the Splits is to hold your nerve and hold your ground, as tempting as it is with a more mobile approach. It exposes you to attackers who are getting wiser in your tactics, but when the other option is an unprotected firefight in the main arena of Spike Site A, staying in lane is a more attractive prospect.

Site B : There are tight barriers from B Main to Spike Site B, so keeping them covered is essential to contain Spike Site B. Setting up shop at B Tower or B Rafters gives a good overview of the area, but it's up to your team to control map midpoint; hard to do when you have the best positioned people for A and B. It's better to use Tower B heroes as center guards, as the transition to B from Middle is very fast as long as you communicate.

Assuming you choose Mid, another option for keeping B is Back B. It's a safe angle and has a great aim on main drag B, but there's literally nowhere to fall back if an enemy sneaks up on you here, so keep that in mind.

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Mid Split Valorant

The main thing for defense in Mid is that you really have to hold it at all costs. If you lose Mid, you open up the whole map for the attacking team and give them a huge advantage. Delay, kill, confuse… whatever you have to do to prevent attackers from advancing through the middle is the job here.

The odd tactic here is that one attacker will aim for an obvious ultimate ball under Mid and try to lure the defenders into attacking him. It only works with good communication though: you have to have teammates with solid objectives choose greedy defenders, snoopers or plan this just a suicide mission.

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Top 3 Agents In Split Valorant

Sentinel Agent

Phoenix, is a valorant duelist agent who is quite epic on a split map. You can mess it up with the skills that Phoenix has. This is quite brilliant and very good for pushing sites with lots of obstacles.

Omen, by using this omen agent you can teleport at will, which is sure to be difficult for your opponent to beat you.

Sage, with quite impressive walls and defensive sage skills, can help you and your team win matches.

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Aggressive but Defensive

Present a game that is quite impressive to your opponent but still has important points including being aggressive and also protecting it. Aggressive does not mean easy to die but aggressive by carrying out attacks that are intimidated by this.

Defensive doesn't mean passive, but you have to be able to adjust the obstacles in this split valorant.

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