Listen! 5 Phantom Valorant Tips You Should Know

Phantom Valorants

Phantom Valorant is an automatic weapon that you can use in-game. More precisely, for those of you who want to play close combat, Phantom is the solution. Phantoms and Vandals are always compared to each other.

However, the two weapons with high credit certainly have weaknesses and strengths. To find out tips and tricks for using Phantom Valorant properly. Check out our article below.

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A Brief Explanation of Phantom Valorant

Phantoms is Assault Rifle with a fairly high cost. One of VALORANT's best multi-purpose weapons, most effective at short to medium range where the Valorant Phantom is capable of sniping multiple enemies at once due to its high rate of fire. It is also equipped with a silencer, which allows it to be used to spam through sight-blockers without much risk to the player's ammunition count or position.

Phantom is able to kill enemies instantly with a single headshot, but his damage falloff means this no longer occurs at medium to long range. Players who hit the initial headshot but miss a second kill shot before they die themselves may find the Vandals more preferable in such situations.

Fire ModeAuto
Fire Rate11 Rounds/Sec 660 PM
Run Speed5.4 M/Sec
Equip Speed1 sec
1st Shoot Spread0.2 Deg
Reload Speed2.5 Sec
Reserve90 (3 Magazines)
Damage Head156, 140, 124
Body Damage39, 35, 31
Damage Legs33, 29, 26
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Cross Hair Placement

Set your Phantom Cross Hair Placement so to use this weapon you have to adjust it to what you want. Because this weapon is like two different blades. Can be very Overpowered or Difficult to use.

Because this weapon is automatic so you can shoot accurately at close range. Adjust your cross hair because it is very difficult to adjust the cross hair placement. Don't look at other people, it would be better for you to have the best version of your own cross hair placement.

Why is it so important to adjust the cross hair placement. Because this aims to get comfortable shot penetration so that when shooting you are one step ahead of the enemy.

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Control Spray

Phantom Valorant is one of those weapons with messy recoil. So, you have to be able to control it well. Has a fairly high damage but when the range is far the damage will decrease.

Try to do more spray towards the body. So, you can immediately do an instant kill towards the enemy. Practice often because the recoil of this weapon really needs to be honed.

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Double Tap

Aim the Phantom at the enemy's neck so it's easy for you to get a headshot. Because the recoil from Phantom Valorant will always go up. Surely you better do a double tap so you can get around this better.

Double tap can also more easily hit the opponent. You might get an opponent who gets killed from the body and legs. However, to do the spray, it is recommended that you direct it towards the body and neck.

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Shoot With Crouch

You can use the tips for the fourth Phantom Valorant in the moments you want. Ducking and shooting is a high mechanic that you definitely have to practice and play for quite a long time with it.

However, these tips are very useful if your opponent is using a rifle. Surely you will benefit more. These tips are not only for attacking but are well done when you are defending.

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Play Aggressive

The last tip is to play aggressively. Because the damage and fire rate is quite high. Allows Phantom to become your mainstay weapon. It is recommended that you play aggressive gameplay so that the enemy can run wild when he meets a player like you.

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