5 Small Games Similar to Minecraft, Can Be Offline!

One of the best Minecraft-like games at a small size is Terraria. Where you can play it offline.
Minecraft-like games
Minecraft-like games. Source: Youtube/Raffli Channel.

For those of you who are looking games similar Minecraft small in size and can be played without the internet, the author has prepared game recommendations.

Not only is this game fun, the size of this game is also very light, so those who have Potato HP, can still play the games on this list.

Please note that you can download all the games mentioned by the author directly on the PlayStore or AppStore. Don't download illegal apps, OK?

List of Games Similar to Minecraft Offline

For your information, all Minecraft-like games on this list are free. If you want to play any game on CrazyGames, you can click on the name of any game and you will immediately be taken to the Play Store to download the game.

Cube World

Cube World
Cube World. Source: Youtube/The Farlandes.

The voxel-based game drew direct comparisons to Minecraft when it was released in late 2019. The game was criticized for its perceived poor quality, balance issues, and similar styling to Notch games. 

However, CubeWorld still has to satisfy a lot of fans given its similarities, and it serves to stand out in the direction RPGs other.

Craft The World 

Craft The World 
Craft The World. Source: Youtube/rrvirus.

Game Craft The World as a fully two-dimensional experience, with some tower defense elements.

This beautiful game from Dekovir is described as a mix between Dungeon Ranger, Terraria, and Dwarven Fortress, but there are things that are different from the game Notch, because of the building and survival features.

Craft the World offers a variety of rewarding gameplay as you command a group of dwarves to craft, build, and defend what falls in the night.


MultiCraft. Source: Youtube/Skycaptinn.

This Minecraft-like game features fun gameplay where you can do anything from gather resources, build a house, hunt to survive. 

MultiCraft games are even more fun with animals. You can ride a horse in this game. But you have to be careful because in this game there are also monsters. 

But don't worry, you can protect yourself with a gun. Not only that, you can also customize your character using some of the provided skins.

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Castle Story

games like Minecraft Castle Story
Castle Story. Source: Youtube/SplatterGame.

Castle Story is an excellent Voxel-based Sandbox and Survival video game that immerses players in an epic adventure. 

Like many other sandbox games, Castle Story allows players to explore a large 3D game world where players can collect resources, destroy and build things, and so on.

You have to build a massive underground defense to face your enemies. Of course, you need the right strategy to be able to play it.


Game Open World Android, a game similar to Minecraft
terraria. Source: VCGames.

Terraria is a Voxel Action-Adventure, Survival RPG, and Sandbox video game set in a 2D game world. Terraria is also a Minecraft-like game that you can play offline.

As a COC style game, the game allows the player to use three main tools, axe, sword and helicopter to become part of the game world and allows the player to explore, gather resources and fight enemies.

The game world is full of things that want to kill you, so you need to be more careful while exploring.

Although this game supports 2D graphics, Terraria is no different from Minecraft. You will find almost the same game and many other interesting things. 

Playing the Minecraft-like game above will add to your creativity in strategizing. You can even play it without having to use a quota. You can also play it on all platforms.

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