Recommended Xiao Build Genshin Impact Pain 2022

Xiao is a DPS character from Liyue. He is one of the Yaksha, a powerful race that helped Geo Archon when it happened Archon war. As the story goes, this character is very strong in the game when players have the appropriate Xiao build.

Possessing the Anemo element, Xiao is the only 5-star DPS with that element. The unique playing style is one of the selling points of this character. Besides that, his cool appearance also makes Xiao one of the characters Genshin Impact most popular.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the Xiao build recommendations so that Vicigers can optimize Xiao as the best DPS anemo in the game Genshin Impact.

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Gameplay Xiao

Gameplay Xiao Build
Damage Output Xiao Genshin Impact with 2 Sets of VV and 2 Sets of Rehearsal without Food Buff. Source: VCGamers

Xiao has a very unique gameplay. The source of the damage comes from Plunging Attack which receives a buff from its Elemental Burst.

When Xiao activates Elemental Burst, he will receive a buff that turns all attacks into Anemo damage.

Not only that, Xiao can also jump higher so he can do Plunging Attacks many times.

The damage from the Plunging Attack is quite high, as shown in the example image above. With a special team composition to buff Xiao, one Plunging Attack with Elemental Burst can deal quite high damage.

Apart from Elemental Burst, Xiao has quite unique Elemental Skills. Xiao will lunge forward and deal Anemo damage. For Xiao with C0, players can do Elemental Skill twice or have 2 charges.

Xiao's strength is that the damage from his Plunging Attack is AoE or Area of Effect. When performing a Plunging Attack, nearby enemies will be damaged.

However, Xiao has drawbacks such as being easily bounced off by enemy attacks while in the air. The damaged enemy will also retreat far away and the player must chase the retreating enemy.

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Artifact Recommendations

Xiao Build Artifact
Best Artifact Recommendations for Xiao. Source: VCGamers

Xiao has a special artifact called Vermillion Hereafter. The artifact domain can be found by Vicigers in the Chasm area. Artifact stats that VCGamers recommends are ATK%, Anemo Damage Bonus, and Crit Rate / Crit Damage.

For sub stats, try to get Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and ATK% sub stats. Like other artifacts, getting a full set of artifacts with the perfect stats and sub-stats took a long time. Thus, the Vicigers had to repeatedly complete the Vermillion artifact domain.

If Vicigers is still in the early to mid game, VCGamers recommends using 2 sets of Viridescent Venerer artifacts that give +15% Anemo Damage Bonus and 2 sets of Vermillion / Shimenawa / Gladiator artifacts that give +18% ATK.

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Best Weapon Recommendations

Xiao Build Weapon
Best Weapon Recommendations for Xiao. Source: VCGamers

The best weapon for Xiao is the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. This weapon is Xiao's signature weapon, giving Crit Rate as a sub stat and high attack thanks to the available base damage and passive.

However, many Genshin Impact players prefer to use the Staff of Homa. This happens because Homa has high Crit Damage and is passive which gives additional attacks if Xiao has less than 50% health.

If Vicigers doesn't have this weapon, then Calamity Queller and Vortex can be an option. However, Vicigers must have high Crit Rate / Crit Damage from artifacts because these two weapons do not provide Crit Rate / Crit Damage, even though their available attack is quite high.

Apart from the 5 star weapons above, Deathmatch can be the weapon of choice for VCGamers who don't have the five star weapons above. This weapon provides a high Crit Rate even though the available attacks are only attacks from 4-star weapons.

If Vicigers is an F2P or Free to Play player, then Blackcliff Polearm can be an option. Vicigers can buy these weapons from Paimon's Bargain. 3 star weapons can also be an option for players who are still in the early game phase, namely the White Tassel.

Xiao's Best Team Composition Recommendation

Best Xiao Team Composition
Best Xiao Team Composition Recommendations. Source: VCGamers

Mono Pyro's team composition is Xiao's favorite team composition for VCGamers. With Bennett providing heal and buffing against attack damage, Kazuha as a battery provides energy to Xiao as well as gathers nearby enemies.

Lastly, Xiangling as a DPS sub capable of dealing massive damage from Pyronado. The damage from Pyronado will be higher if Kazuha produces a Swirl reaction with Pyro.

This team composition is often used by VCGamers when completing Spiral Abyss Floor 12 and with this team, Floor 12 feels very easy.

Apart from Mono Pyro, the composition of Mono Geo is also very helpful for Xiao. Jean as a healer as well as a battery that provides energy to Xiao, Zhongli as a character who provides a shield so that Xiao's Elemental Burst is not disturbed.

Finally, Albedo as a sub DPS who can deal high Geo damage every time Xiao does a Plunging Attack.

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