Best Kamisato Ayato Team Build and Composition 2022

Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Ayato is one of the DPS Genshin Impact with the Hydro element. This character was released on March 30, in Patch 2.6 to be precise, making Ayato one of the newest characters in Genshin Impact.

Like the other characters, Kamisato Ayato must have a good build to issue a large damage output. Artifacts, weapons, and team composition are factors for the amount of damage from Kamisato Ayato.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the best builds for Kamisato Ayato, including artifacts, weapons, and various team compositions that can help this character.

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Gameplay of Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato AyatoGameplay
Kamisato gameplay with 4 sets of Gladiator's Finale and The Black Sword. Source: VCGamers

This character uses the Hydro element as the main damage. Ayato's Elemental Skill named Kamisato Art: Kyouka is attack modifier which changes Normal and Charged Attacks to Hydro attacks.

His Elemental Burst is similar to Ganyu's, but Ayato has an Elemental Burst in the form of a rain attack that deals Hydro damage. Apart from dealing damage, the Elemental Burst also provides a buff to the Normal Attack damage of the characters in the Elemental Burst area.

Overall, Ayato is a DPS character that is easy for players to use. The character's own combo is using Elemental Burst first to provide buffs and use Elemental Skills for the duration.

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Artifact Selection

Kamisato Ayato's Artifact Set
Artifact Set Selection for Kamisato Ayato. Source: VCGamers

There are quite a number of Artifact choices that are suitable for this character. However, Genshin Impact recently released a new artifact set that suits Ayato perfectly, namely Echoes of the Offering. This artifact set buffs Normal Attack Damage based on the percentage of the user's ATK.

Apart from these artifacts, Vicigers can also use the full set of Gladiator's Finale which also provides a buff against Normal Attack Damage of 35%.

The full set of Heart of Depth artifacts is also a good fit for Ayato, seeing a damage bonus against Normal Attack Damage of 30% and an added 15% Hydro Damage Bonus.

Retracing Bolide is an artifact with a fairly full set underrated. This artifact can be Vicigers' choice for Ayato because it is able to provide bonus damage against Normal Attack and Charged Attack Damage of 40% but only when protected by a shield. So, this artifact set is perfect if Vicigers has a character capable of providing shields like Zhongli, Diona, or Noelle.

If Vicigers don't have the full set of artifacts, Vicigers can use a combination of 2 sets of artifacts Echoes of Offering, Shimenawa, Heart of Depths, and Gladiator's Finale. The combination of Heart of Depths and other artifacts can be useful because Ayato will get 15% Hydro Damage and 18% Attack.

For high damage output, Vicigers should look for artifact Main Stats in the form of ATK% for Sands, Hydro Damage Bonus for Goblet, and Crit Rate / Crit Damage for Circlet. Apart from that, the sub stats that Vicigers need to look for are Crit Damage, Crit Rate, and ATK%.

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Best Weapon

Kamisato Ayato's weapon
5 and 4 Star Best Weapon Picks for Kamisato Ayato. Source: VCGamers

Haran Geppeaku Futsu is Ayato's signature weapon. The weapon was released simultaneously with Ayato inside Patch 2.6, thus becoming Ayato's signature weapon. This 5-star sword has an effect that can buff Ayato, especially when using Elemental Skills.

Aside from Haran, Mistsplitter is also a 5 star weapon suitable for Ayato. High base damage and Crit Damage are very useful for Ayato. Not only that, Mistsplitter also provides Elemental Damage Bonus.

Primordial Jade Cutter and Summit Sharper were 5 star swords that would also suit Ayato. If Vicigers doesn't have Haran and Mistsplitter, PJC and Summit Sharper can be an option.

For a 4-star weapon, The Black Sword is perfect for Ayato because it provides Crit Rate and also Damage Bonus against Normal and Chraged Attack according to refinement level.

If Vicigers is an F2P player, Vicigers can buy the Blackcliff Longsword in the Paimon's Bargain menu. The sword provides additional Crit Damage stat and quite high base damage. Apart from Blackcliff, Vicigers can also make Amenoma Kageuchi, a 4 star sword from Blacksmith.

Kamisato Ayato's Team Composition

Kamisato Ayato's Team Composition
Choice of Team Composition with Kamisato Ayato. Source: VCGamers

Ayato has quite unique team composition choices. With the Hydro element, he can cause a Vaporize reaction which has a high damage output. Apart from that, he can also cause a Freeze reaction which can freeze enemies for quite a long time.

For Vaporize team composition, Vicigers can use Ayato with Bennett, Kazuha, and Xiangling. Bennett as a healer and support can provide very high bonus damage thanks to his ultimate.

In addition, Kazuha can buff Hydro damage thanks to Swirl and the Viridescent Venerer set. Lastly, Xiangling is useful as a Sub-DPS with his ultimate which hurts due to the Vaporize reaction.

For Freeze's team composition, Vicigers needs another character with Cryo elements. Diona in this team is useful as a healer and provides a fairly fast Cryo application. Apart from that, there is Venti as support to gather enemies into one place.

After that, Rosaria as Sub-DPS can provide even faster Cryo applications with her ultimate. Lastly, Ayato who served as the Main DPS will provide the Hydro application so that with this combo, the enemy will be continuously frozen due to the Freeze reaction.

However, the two choices of team composition are not standard or mandatory team composition. Vicigers can replace characters that Vicigers don't have, for example, replacing Kazuha / Venti with Sucrose.

Thus the discussion regarding the build and composition of the best Ayato team. For Genesis Crystal top up needs, don't forget to visit VC Market by VCGamers! Don't forget to use the code "VCGARMY" for you $VCG Army!

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