What time is the Higgs Domino Bonus Reset? Here's the Explanation!

What time is the Higgs Bonus Reset

Higgs Domino has a reset time which can provide various bonuses every day. Therefore, many players are wondering what time the bonus resets in the Higgs Domino game.

This time, we will discuss what a complete reset time is bonus daily you can get. Of course, we will also discuss what time you can get the daily bonus reset in the Higgs Domino game.

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What is Reset Time?

What time is the Higgs Bonus Reset
Higgs Domino illustration. Source: Dunia Games

The Higgs Domino game has a reset clock that has been determined by the developers. The developer ensures that there is a reset time to open bonus gift limits, send chips, and other features.

The limit of sending the chip will be reset at a certain time. Not only that, there are also daily chip bonuses available after the reset time. Therefore, the reset time is very profitable for players.

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Higgs Domino Bonus Reset Time

Daily Bonuses
Higgs Dominoes Daily Bonus. Source: Metro Lampung News

The developers provide various provisions that players must know. This provision is the daily limit reset time which we will discuss in full in this article.

Higgs Domino gives the clock a reset time 07:00 WIB. The bonus reset time is very important for players to get daily bonuses.

In addition to giving a daily bonus, the clock indicates that the previous day's bonus will be forfeited. Therefore, you must mark 7 in the morning to take advantage of the features available for that one day, before the reset clock time.

What are the features that you can enjoy as a player when there is a reset time? Come on, see the explanation of the reset clock feature below!

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Gain Reset Time

Example Send Chip
Examples of Sending Chip Activities. Source: Beben.id

There are various features affected by this Higgs Domino game reset. Some of these features are very important and can make the experience of playing Higgs Domino even better.

The first feature is the limitation of sending chips. You can send chips back with a reset quota. After that, there is also a daily bonus for each opportunity of 2M.

After that, there is a reset rating. You can be the player with the most chips to reach the leaderboard. Of course by reaching the leaderboard you can get various attractive prizes after 7 am as the reset time.

In conclusion, the reset time for the daily bonus in the Higgs Domino game is 07:00 WIB. With the reset time, you can get various daily bonuses.

The daily bonus can be 2M and after going through the reset hour, you can send chips again if you have reached the chip sending limit the previous day.

Not only that, the player ranking or leaderboard will also be reset so you can get a bonus if you manage to reach the leaderboard.

Thus the discussion regarding the reset time in the Higgs Domino game. For chip top up needs, don't forget to visit VCGamers Marketplace and enjoy the promos that are still available!

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