The Latest Higgs Domino Coin Transfer Method 2022

How to transfer higgs domino coins to another account is really easy. You only need to read the complete guide in this article.
Higgs Domino
Higgs Domino. Source: NEWSMedia

How to transfer coins higgs domino to friends is one of the pieces of information that Vicigers friends need to know, especially for Higgs Domino players who want to get coins or chips quickly without drama.

This coin is very useful because it helps you enjoy online card games more. The more tokens you have, the easier it will be to complete missions and buy in-game items.

So if you want to know more about how to transfer the latest 2022 higgs domino coins, you've come to the right article.

This article will teach you how to transfer higgs domino coins to friends, especially if you forget your password and cellphone number, bro. Instead of being curious, see the explanation until it's finished, come on!

What is Domino Higgs Coin?

how to transfer higgs domino coins
higgs apk old version

Higgs Domino is a board game genre that has a type of card game with local Indonesian characteristics. This game provides tokens that can be used to play.

You can get coins in various ways such as refilling Higgs Domino Chips or sending Higgs Domino coins. You should know that Higgs Domino relies on its microtransactions to make money. Well, the microtransactions in this game are gold coins.

These gold coins can be used to buy tokens. Now you can use chips to make this single game for money. Chips are useful for playing games or generating pulses. If you are interested in how to transfer higgs domino coins, you can read the following articles:

How to Transfer Higgs Domino Coins Without Top Up

how to transfer higgs domino coins

How to send Higgs Domino tokens first without having to top up. For example, if you don't have the money to top up your Higgs Domino gold coin balance, then this is the solution. But before doing so, make sure you have two accounts, the main account and the fake account. Here are the steps:

  1. First, log out of your Higgs Domino account.
  2. Go to Settings, Manage apps, Higgs Domino, Memory usage, Clear data.
  3. Log in to Higgs Domino with a fake account.
  4. A permission request will appear, select Deny. Select the Friend icon, Friend App, Add and Enter main account ID to send to Chip. Then hit send.
  5. Before exiting, select the set password menu first.
  6. After that, the permission notification will appear again.
  7. Select Deactivate, then log back into the main account. Then open the Friends icon and the Friends app. Some information will appear, check everything.
  8. Sign out of the main account again, then sign in to the new account.
  9. Once logged in, go back to the Friends icon and highlight any messages previously sent using the main account.
  10. Later, the coins on the chip will automatically increase. Done.

FYI, if this method works, you can get a 1M daily chip bonus, bro. So, make sure you have followed the steps above correctly.

How to Transfer Higgs Domino Chips on iPhone

how to transfer higgs domino coins
Login Higgs

In this method VCGamers will explain how to send higgs domino chips to iPhone. See the following steps for more details:

  1. First, log out of the higgs domino chip account on the iPhone
  2. Then use an Android device, if you don't have one, you can wait for a friend
  3. Then please log in to the account on the Android device that you used before
  4. After successful login, Send function will appear
  5. Finally, you need to carry out the Higgs domino chip delivery process as usual.

Another way to do this is to watch a YouTube channel that always gives easy Higgs free dominoes.

Higgs Domino Tricks

how to transfer higgs domino coins

In fact, the Higgs Domino game has been around for a long time and offers credit prizes by collecting RP points every time you play and win. However, since the introduction of the Higgs Domino machine, this game has become more and more crowded.

Play this Higgs Domino slot, every player has the opportunity to win a sizable prize. Of course, playing Higgs Domino is an attraction, so many people like to play Higgs Domino.

The first step you can take if you want to win playing dominoes is to determine the bet or the number of chips you are given. It's better to start spinning with the lowest bet in the first 10 spins, if it doesn't work, you can leave the room and re-enter with the adjusted bet amount.

The second step is to predict and read the composition of the room. Symbols accompanied by the letters A and J can be a great start for the highest stakes round. Especially if you open a room with 3 scatters or more, you can get it with spider catch.

If you enter this room and see the fan symbol, leave a lot, place a large amount of bets during the round.

In the Higgs Domino slot, slow spin makes it hard to catch the scatter, so using auto click makes periodic, auto spin easier. You can try rotating your hand 10 times before doing an auto click spin to see if the spin pays off or not.

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Play Higgs Domino slots could be an interesting discussion. Because at this time there are still many players who are interested in how to get or win the Higgs Domino jackpot.

You need to know that there are various types of slot machines available, starting from DuoFu Duo Chai, FaFaFa, Fortune Winding, Panda and 5 Dragons. It is important to know how to determine which player's choice to play from the five types of games.

Basically, of the five available slot games, each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you want to find a jackpot with a large amount, you can play 5 Dragons or FaFaFa. However, the chances of winning are very small.

As a general consideration, for those who want to play Higgs Domino, you should play DuoFu Duo Chai. Apart from that, you can also see the evidence based on the number of people who are interested, usually DuoFu Duo Chai, who is always busy playing.

Now that's a discussion about how to transfer higgs domino coins without having to top up first. It's easy, right? This way you can send chips at any time

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For cheap and reliable chip top ups, please top up only at VCGamers. You can get various attractive promos every day, you know.

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