Higgs Domino Purple and Gold Chip Differences

There are differences between the purple and gold chips in the Higgs Domino game, one of which is the price and how to get the two chips.

Chips are the available currency for Higgs Dominoes. As the name suggests, there is a difference between the purple and gold chips in the Higgs Domino game.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the differences between the yellow chips and purple chips that you can see, including the level of advantages that both have. For those of you who want to know the difference, let's see the discussion below!

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What are Higgs Domino Chips

Main Menu Higgs Dominoes
Difference between Purple and Gold Chips Higgs Main Menu. Source: UniPin Blog

Higgs Domino has its own currency, the Chip. As currency, you can use chips to play all playing modes.

Not only for playing, you can also use chips to take part in events that are available and made by the developer. Therefore, the chip is an important factor in playing Higgs Domino.

Various ways you can do to get chips. One of them is by entering the available exchange code. Apart from that, you can also top up at VC Market for the lowest price.

Even though you can top up and get free chips, you need to know that there are two types of chips available, namely purple chips and gold chips.

The two chips have different uses, benefits, features and characteristics so you can distinguish between the two chips. For those of you who are curious, let's see the explanation below!

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The difference between Purple Chips and Gold Chips

Higgs Domino Purple Chip Example
Higgs Domino Purple Chip Example. Source: SpiritNews

The biggest difference is color. As the name suggests, gold chips have a gold or gold color. You can get these chips when you win a game and you can trade them.

Meanwhile, there are purple chips that have a purple color from official partners or Higgs Domino agents. Because it can only be obtained through official partners, you will find more gold chips.

Most players will find gold chips more than purple chips. chips You can get the gold color through a top up or win by getting the jackpot.

Gold chips are also cheaper and more varied. Unlike the purple chips, the prices for chips that can only be obtained from official partners are uniform and more expensive.

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Benefits of Purple Chips

Difference between Purple and Gold Chips Higgs Big Win
Example of Big Win Higgs Domino. Source: Esportsku

Apart from the differences mentioned above, there is a rumor that purple chips are more profitable than using gold chips.

If you use purple chips, chances are that you will win more often than gold chips.

However, these advantages are rumors circulating in the community higgs domino. There is no evidence that there is a chance of winning more often when using purple chips.

It is the abilities and advantages themselves that influence this. Therefore, the purple chip does not affect the winning percentage.

The thing that is certain about both chips is that they are legal chips. After knowing that both chips are legal, you can freely buy and get these two chips.

Thus the discussion about the difference between gold and purple chips in the Higgs Domino game.

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