Peek! 5 Tips for Playing in Jungler Wild Rift

Jungler is one of the most important roles in Wild Rift. When the enemy has points left behind, the jungle's task is not just to kill the enemy. There are several objectives that must be carried out such as gold which must be more than the opponent's jungler. Here are tips for playing Jungler wild rift that you should know!

LOL Wild Rift (League of Legends) is a MOBA game that is very much played by many players. This Moba has millions of players spread all over the world. However, the attack wants to rival Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In the end, wild rift itself became a very trendy MOBA game.

You can play LOL Wild Rift on your Android or iOS. Come on, let's take a peek at the tips for playing Jungler Wild Rift in full.

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Overview Jungler

tips for playing in Jungler wild rift

Those of you who have the jungler role must be very difficult to face a team of friends who don't have integrity. It would be nice, when you play jungler heroes. You have to hone your mechanical skills first.

Mechanical skills on mobile moba are great for you so you can hone your potential even deeper. You can play LOL more aggressively again than before. This is to show that you deserve to be a jungler. So, before taking a peek at the tips for playing Jungler Wild Rift, let's find out which champions you can use.

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Best Champion Jungler

tips for playing in Jungler wild rift

Currently, Wild Rift has updated patch 2.0 to Wild Rift patch 3.0. They do, of course, have schema changes and buffed champions for even better adjustments. There are several champions who are currently meta in Jungler, such as Lee sin, Khazix, Nunu & Willump, Fiora, and Riven.

Of course if you use this hero it can increase your team's banging power and get even stronger. In the early game, it will definitely be very strong until the late game. So, after knowing the strongest jungler champions in Wild Rift. Next, we will go straight to the topic of discussing tips on playing Jungler Wild Rift.

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5 tips for playing in Jungler wild rift

tips for playing in Jungler wild rift

Jungler is the most important composition in a team. Being a jungler must be thorough and nimble. Because if you're not fast, you'll miss the other junglers. Therefore, tips on playing Jungler Wild Rift will be very useful for you in the future!

Map Awareness

Those of you who have a role as a jungler must have strong map knowledge and map awareness. You should be able to gank your offlaners if they have a bit of trouble dealing with your opponent.

Map Awareness here is that you can't be blind to the map. You must have an initial initiation compared to your team. To get around this, you can do something like don't be too hasty and patient. Pay attention to the mini map and radio from a friend's team.

Use Spell Smith

This spell is a special spell for junglers where, this one spell will help you complete efficient skills for junglers. You can feel the contribution of this spell if you use champions who have other Marksman or Summoner roles. Because it can add gold with excellent precision.

Build Attack

You don't lose to the build attack from the opponent's jungler. Tips for playing in Jungler wild rift on this one are very important because some players still can't adjust their builds for their opponents. So, look for a build that is suitable for you to face enemies.

You also have to know the enemy's weaknesses and enemy items using any build. Know the skills and abilities of your opponent's champions so you can counter them.

Aim for Easy Opponents

What you need to know to become a jungler is to first target easy and annoying opponents. Surely this is very important. Because there are still many junglers who just do instant kills but don't have the objective they are looking for.

You must know the tips for playing in this Jungler wild rift so that you can be more skilled when you meet other opponents.


Tips for playing in the last Jungler wild rift is positioning where as a jungler you also have vulnerable HP like assassins and marksman. These heroes have very thin HP but have very high damage.

You have to look at your tank more so you can know and be protected by your own tank. For that you have to be able to get a tank that is supportive so you feel well protected.

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Wrapping Up

The thing to learn is that being a jungler in Wild Rift is not as easy as you might think. Because the jungler doesn't only kill the jungles in the forest area. However, there are several objectives that you definitely have to achieve on your own and as a team.

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