The Reason Gojo Satoru Always Wears an Eye Patch

Eyes Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru is one of the strong and iconic characters in anime Jujutsu Kaisen. His appearance is unique, many are curious about why Gojo always wears an eye patch in every appearance.

In almost every anime scene, Gojo always wears an eye patch. He only occasionally removed his blindfold, and that was also when the battle at hand began to intensify. 

Curious why the character is strong Jujutsu Kaisen This guy always wears an eye patch in every anime scene? Come on, take a look at the following theoretical review!

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The Power of Gojo's Eyes

why does gojo wear an eye patch
The Power of Gojo's Eyes Source: Senpai

Gojo has an eye power called Six Eye which he obtained from his family. He also has an eye power called Limitless which is only controlled by members of the Gojo clan. 

Gojo's Six Eye power allows him to see the curse energy very clearly. But Six Eye's power is not limited to that, in one episode Gojo's power can even detect presence Toji Fushiguro, Megumi's father.

Even though Toji is a Jujutsu Kaisen character who was born without curse energy. A wizard like Gojo shouldn't be able to detect his presence. 

Limitless powers first appeared during Gojo's training Yuji Itadori about the power of curse moves and the fight against Jogo. 

Gojo's techniques are divided into Limitless Blue, Red, and Neutral. This power has the power of a magnet with extreme attraction (Blue). 

Meanwhile, the red Limitless has the opposite effect to the blue one. This power has a repulsive force that is useful for throwing enemies away.

Then Gojo's Limitless Neutral is the power he uses every day. That's why Gojo can't be touched by his enemies. 

With the power of Limitless, Gojo can move at high speed when avoiding enemy attacks or launching attacks at enemies. 

The power of Limitless and Six Eye Gojo is very overpowering, to this day anime Gojo's ultimate strength remains a mystery. 

The Reason Gojo Always Closes His Eyes

why does gojo wear an eye patch
The Reason Gojo Rarely Opens His Eyes. Source: VCGamers

The previous explanation underlies the answer to the question, why does Gojo always wear an eye patch.  The reason he uses the eye patch is to dampen his Six Eye ability. 

Because thanks to the power of his very sensitive eyes, Gojo will always receive information at all times. 

When his eyes are kept open continuously, the excess information obtained will cause his brain to burn. 

Gojo's eye power includes a cursed technique passed down from generation to generation from his family, this eye power is called Six Eye. 

Six Eyes makes Gojo have very strong eye powers, when he has to remove the eye patch all day long this power will be active. Because of his very sharp eyesight, Gojo gets tired easily. 

In terms of appearance, since the beginning of the anime, this character has reminded me of the Naruto anime character, Kakashi.

Both have the power of their eyes which, if opened all day, will drain their energy. 

So actually why Gojo always wears an eye patch is to maintain the stability of his body's energy.

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Can Gojo See Through the Eyepatch? 

Has Limitless Technique
Gojo Satoru. Source: Screen Rant

Gojo's eye power is very sensitive in detecting things. However, when he closed it, Gojo still couldn't see through the blindfold. 

Six Eye Gojo's Eyes not Neji's Byakugan eyes. But the sensitivity of Gojo's eyes allows him to sense objects without the curse energy. 

This was proven in the episode when he met his father Megumi Fushiguro, a character who does not have curse powers. 

Therefore, he can still move across various objects such as doors and buildings that do not have curse energy. 

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