Get to know the power of Gojo Satoru's Six Eyes

Eyes Gojo Satoru

There are two reasons that make Gojo Satoru so strong, namely because of the combination of Limitless and Six Eyes that he has.

These two powers were obtained by Gojo Satoru from his clan's bloodline. Even though they come from a clan bloodline, not everyone has the power of Six Eyes.

The number of users is very small, in fact they have to wait hundreds of years to get the heir to this power.

And in this article, we will explain to you in full about the power of the Six Eyes that Gojo Satoru has.

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History of Six Eyes

Eyes Gojo Satoru
Six Eyes History. Source: VCGamers

Six Eyes is a unique inherited power of the Gojo clan. However, unlike Limitless, this ability is not granted to everyone in the clan. 

Therefore, the combination of Limitless and Six Eyes users in one person is very rare.

This makes Satoru the first member of the Gojo clan to be born with these two powers in a period of around 400 years.

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Six Eyes is always tied to the Star Plasma Vessel and Master Tengen by fate.

Thus making this technique always connected to them whenever it manifests itself in the user. 

In the past, while trying to achieve his goal, Kenjaku has been defeated by Six Eyes users twice at different times. 

After suffering a second defeat, Kenjaku then killed another Six Eyes user just a month after they were born.

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How Six Eyes Works

Has Limitless Technique
Gojo Satoru. Source: Screen Rant

Unlike Limitless, Six Eyes is not a technique. Instead, he is defined as an extremely rare and inherited gift unique to the Gojo clan. 

The way Six Eyes works is by giving its users extraordinary perception of cursed energy and complete control over that energy. 

However, the visual enhancements can also be very tiring for Six Eyes users. Therefore Gojo often wears an eye patch. 

The greatest advantage of Six Eyes is how it works in conjunction with the Limitless technique by allowing the user to control their cursed energy almost perfectly, down to the atomic level.

This allows users to utilize all the benefits of Limitless efficiently.

Therefore, having Six Eyes means the user will effectively have unlimited reserves of cursed energy.

Additionally, Six Eyes can also read the flow of other people's cursed energy, making it the perfect tool in perfectly analyzing an opponent's strength.

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Weaknesses of Six Eyes

Meaning of the name Satoru
Weaknesses of Six Eyes. Source: Senpai

Six Eyes has a passive property that does not require cursed energy to work, but long-term use will make the user exhausted. 

This requires the user to wear some sort of medium between the eyes such as an eye patch or sunglasses. 

However, to use Six Eyes at full power, the user must remove the eye patch.

The most powerful techniques of the Six Eyes, such as Hollow Purple or Unlimited Void, can only be used without any obstruction.

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